Vintage Beach Wedding Inspiration

Let’s have an honest conversation here. When I say ‘Beach Wedding’ what do you think of? Something stunning and wonderful or something bright with lots of seashells, and probably some turquoise? I’m not sure why beach weddings have been replaced in our mind by tropically tacky weddings. They can be so incredibly stunning! And I know you still love the beach… so why not beach weddings? Here’s some vintage beach wedding inspiration to help you replace that tropical wedding that’s in your mind with something stunning.

Vintage Beach Wedding Inspiration

ONE: Sea glass is one of my favourite ‘beachy’ items. It can be rustic, vintage, and classy all at the same time. Pair that with calligraphy for place cards? *sigh*

TWO: Three cheers for naturally curly hair and a bouquet that’s deep in colour (and not beachy beachy!). This whole photo is lovely.

THREE: Who doesn’t love a driftwood arch? Remember, we did a post all about the driftwood arch? This whole set up with vintage desk and all is just perfection. I especially love that it’s along a bluff and not the traditional tropical backdrop.

FOUR: A vintage bike featuring heaps of florals is the perfect laid back decor piece for a beach wedding.

FIVE: Skip folding tables with stuffy white linens and opt for stacked crates (or barrels!) for wedding cakes, guest books, and whatever else you might need.

SIX: We love a rustic chalkboard 10x over, and really like how it dresses down this classy boho beach wedding.

SEVEN: If you’re having a larger wedding but still love the look of vintage furniture for seating… we are in love with how this bride mixed traditional seating with plush vintage pieces!


My favourite of these would have to be the sea glass. But that’s because I’ve got a soft spot for it. Other than that? I’m kind of in love with the deep colours of that bride’s bouquet! What about you? Did we change your mind about beach weddings?