Trend Report: Move over chalkboards, here comes glass

Move over chalkboards! Here comes glass. It’s no secret that chalkboards have been crazy popular at weddings for the past couple years. In 2015 we’re seeing a turn towards vintage windows and mirrors for signage. It’s a welcome change for white, bright weddings and shine is never a bad thing at weddings. Ready for some eye candy?

I'm loving the look of mirrors and glass for signs instead of chalkboards at weddings... so classy!

ONE: Go big or go home, right? This glass panelled vintage door makes the perfect seating chart with one little window per table.

TWO: This wedding is chock full of gorgeous hand lettering. If you’re a fan, trust me- hop over and check it out.

THREE: Talk about some classy bar signage! We love how extravagant this mirror signage is.

FOUR: This beauty is one of our own! I love how the simple lettering looks as if it’s floating in such a large frame.

FIVE: We love a good seating chart. This one is simple and classy all wrapped up in one. I love that the vintage mirror reflects the gorgeous scenery from this outdoor wedding.

SIX: In leu of a program, this gorgeous mirror signage gives guests all the details.

SEVEN: Pure class. If you look closely, this wedding has champagne glasses with scrolls to show guests to their seats.

And if you’re wondering, YES! Our in house calligrapher letters on glass as well as chalkboard. What’s your favourite out of all the above? Mine would have to be number two. The combination of gold and white ink with the greenery and brick backdrop showing through? Dreamy.