Trend Report: Hanging Decor

Trend Report: Hanging Decor at Weddings.

Hanging decor isn’t anything new in weddings (remember when paper lanterns or tissue pouffs hit it big?), but it’s definitely seeing an increase for 2015 and new fresh applications. Here’s some hanging decor that I’ve spotted recently. We also love them hung in vintage bottles like at this wedding.

1. Hanging florals are crazy popular right now. Whether they’re hung from the ceiling with the bloom face down or they’re strung into a curtain like these carnations, you really can’t go wrong! Carnations are a budget friendly flower that are fairly hardy, so they’re perfect for this type of decor.

2. Umbrellas. Enough said, right? This example is from a vintage carnival style wedding, but I’ve spotted some fun installations with bright umbrellas or even one with all clear umbrellas filled with florals.

3. I’m head over heels for the hanging light fixtures trend. Especially these geometric wooden ones. And covered in succulents? Swoon!

4. Speaking of hanging florals, large installations have hit the wedding scene full force. Whether your installation is all greens for an earthy feel, or it’s full of colourful blooms like this one, they’re perfect for over a head table, dance floor, or ceremony.

5. More cost effective than florals, these DIY Twine Lanterns are a fresh take on the paper lantern’s we’ve all seen.

6. You know we love any vintage ladder. But hung from the ceiling over a head table and covered in gorgeous blooms? We can’t get enough! This one has hanging plants and chandeliers as well.

7. These Himmeli ornaments are hung with florals for a fresh modern look, and they’re even a little bohemian. I love the neon cord they’re hung with!

8. These floral wreaths make a gorgeous backdrop for an outdoor ceremony, but square wreaths would also make a fun photobooth by acting as ‘frames’!

9. One more shot of lights, this installation is not only hung light bulbs, but glass balls with candles. We often use our glass balls for florals and love the way they look!

So, what do you think of the trend? I’m loving it over the look of drapery ceiling treatments. It’s such a fresh take on florals and decor. What’s your favourite? I am usually all about the hanging ladders, but I can’t get over those geometric lights with succulents and florals, I’m hooked!