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Trend Alert: Family Style Receptions

This is another trend that we’re completely smitten with. Family style reception dinners! We’re so over walking accross the dance floor to get a second helping, and we know that plated service can be costly PLUS, there’s something about breaking bread and sharing plates that makes for the best dinner conversation.

We LOVE family style reception dinners! No more buffets for me please!


ONE: This is one of our favourite shoots we’ve been a part of. The rich colours, casual elegance, and charm just made it the full package. We love using vintage silver for serving share plates.

TWO: Sharing food makes for such wonderful memories. Plus, it cuts down on food waste compared to other styles of service. If you don’t like potatoes, you just wont take them! And if someone beside you does, they aren’t staring at your plate wishing it wasn’t weird to ask to eat yours. And it’s not awkward to take an extra helping.

THREE: Long tables lend so well to family style service. Just pass the dishes down the line! Where tables this long my have been a challenge with guests getting up and down to head to the buffet, family service allows for a more intimate set up like this.

FOUR: Meals or share plates– it’s up to you! We love the idea of having appetizers on wood slabs to keep guests filled up as they visit the night away.

FIVE: Food can be beautiful too! Family service challenges us to be selective about what we have on the table. This can cut decor costs without cutting the style.


What do you think of this trend? I don’t just love it as a wedding professional, but a wedding goer- it’s one of my favourite ways to feast!

Skip the Colour Palette

I love a good colour palette, I’m sure you may have noticed. But lately I’m kind of taken with the couples that trash the fancy colour palettes and go for a collection of neutrals (black, white, and woodsy) with heaps of greenery and metallic touches.  I don’t even know how else to describe it, so let me just give you some visual inspiration.  Oh, and we’re extra in love with this all on the table. So this is a table-full collection, okay?

I'm loving these table settings full of neutrals with pops of metallic

Seriously, do I even need to say anything? It’s just SO good.

Left to right, top to bottom:

ONE: One of our own, one of our faves to date.

TWO: This is just so beautiful, I feel like I need to tell you that we got to be there in person. #nobigdeal

THREE: We’re such a sucker for brass candlesticks! Heaps of greens mean you don’t need to splurge on flowers.

FOUR: This is actually a dinner party. What a lucky bunch of guests!

FIVE: This one is so dark and moody, and what a fun touch using succulents.

SIX: Last but not least, I had to throw some tropical vibes in here. How lovely!

Which is your favourite? For once I’m actually stuck between all of them.

DIY Gilded Place Cards

DIY black and gold gilded place cards

‘Cause if you’re not really there
Then I don’t wanna be either
I wanna be next to you
Black and gold, black and gold, black and gold’

Every time I see black paired with gold details, this song runs through my head. Am I the only one? I’m actually kind of addicted to the Katy Perry re-make of it. But Adele rocks it too. Either way… the colour combo is dynamite. It instantly classes up any event. These simple place cards are SO affordable even though they look fantastic. And if you do the lettering yourself (we played around doing it ourselves), they are a bargain. Want to know the trick?

DIY black and gold gilded place cards

Liquid gold. Seriously… the stuff is literally liquid gold, we love it so much. All that you  need to do for this simple-tastic DIY is:

DIY black and gold gilded place cards

DIY black and gold gilded place cards

DIY black and gold gilded place cards

Cut some black cardstock (you can get packs from Michaels) into place card size. You could even cut and fold tented place cards if you’d prefer. Next, dip your brush in the liquid gold and working from a corner or end, brush it towards the centre, until you have a random brush stroke pattern you’re happy with.  When it’s dry, bring them to your calligrapher or get busy lettering your own place cards.

DIY black and gold gilded place cards

DIY black and gold gilded place cards

DIY black and gold gilded place cards

Didn’t I tell you… simple! They’re so simple, I’m tempted to make them for every dinner party I host in the future. Because I’m classy like that 😉

Feature Friday: Crystal Candlesticks

Crystal candlesticks are such a classic piece of decor- yet they’re ignored way too often. We love the variety of shapes and heights they come in, but can look cohesive in a grouping with their crystal appeal. We just had to devote a Feature Friday all to these special guys.

vintage crystal candlesticks are perfect for a wedding!

Photos Left to Right / Top to Bottom:

ONE: Who would have known crystal could look so good in a rustic setting? This tablescape is so simple, but the crystal candlesticks down the long table bring height and interest to an otherwise plain display.

TWO: This table is just stunning. We love the mix of rich florals with the clear crystal. Heaps of candlesticks are striking but don’t take away from the star of the show.

THREE: Or you could let the candlesticks themselves be the star of the show. We love how simple this table setting is while being crazy elegant at the same time. Mixing clear glass and white elements is so refreshing!

FOUR: Mix and match! We love how this jewel toned wedding mixes brass, wood, silver and crystal candlestlicks for an eclectic table runner.


Which is your favourite? I am just in love with number two there… those florals, casual linen, and crystal… it’s all so good!

Trend Report: Herbs at Weddings

Have you noticed the trend towards fresh herbs at weddings? We’re totally loving it! From floral greenery to edible garnishes to scented decor… what’s not to love? If you’ve yet to spy this trend, we gathered some inspiration for you. Say hello to your newest obsession:

herbs at weddings

From Left to Right/ Top to Bottom:

ONE: Bouquets– they’re the perfect place to start with herbs! The scent, the muted colours, the delicate greenery… why opt for traditional filler when you could choose stand outs like these?

TWO: This Tuscan wedding captured our hearts from the moment it popped up on Pinterest. Can you blame us? Heaps and heaps of potted herbs paired with jars upon jars of candles. It’s dreamy.

THREE: Doesn’t this checkered bow tie make you cheerful? Well, that and the buttoner! Fresh herbs are a great alternative for men who don’t want to have girly florals (some men are dead against it!).

FOUR: All white cakes certainly have a place in classic weddings. Topped with fresh flowers and now… herbs! This lovely cake looks like it’s wearing a crown of herbs on each layer!

FIVE: I have to say, I would love an herb crown like this. Sage and lavender? It would smell amazing! The muted soft colours of these herbs can’t be beat either.

SIX: I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s walked away from a wedding wondering what on earth to do with the favour. I can guarantee I would not be questioning what to do with a potted herb! Not only are these favours stunning to look at- they’ll be a total hit!

SEVEN: How simply perfect is this? Bunches of fresh rosemary were hung above reception tables at this rustic wedding. The scent must have been divine!

EIGHT: Speaking of bunches of rosemary… Not all of us have gorgeous wood beamed ceilings to feature. But what do we all have? Tables. We love this simple way of finishing off table runners with twine and herbs.

NINE: Dress up the simplest of escort cards with a spring of rosemary (or any fresh herb for that matter) for unbeatable charm.

TEN: One from our archives, we can’t get enough of herbs as edible garnishes. Whether you tie them to baguettes at each place setting or add a spring to a plated appetizer- we’ll never complain.


Tell us- what do you think of this trend? You’re not about to change our mind 😉 If I had to pick a favourite image from above… it would be the floral crown. Because I want one so. darn. bad. But I could also stare at that cake for days! What about you?

Feature Friday: Brass Candlesticks

Brass. Does that make you cringe? I know that it was such a fad and then so taboo. But now? It’s just awesome. It’s less pretentious than gold, with all the charm and character. It looks fabulous antiqued or shined up bright and it just begs to be mixed with greenery. Not half bad, right? Today for our feature friday, we’re tipping our cap to brass candlesticks. We’re collectors of them and we’re proud of it. Here’s a couple of the tablescapes we’ve used them in recently to help you come to the brass side:

Brass Candlesticks at weddings

Brass Candlesticks at weddings

Right!? It’s just all good. Whether you fill them with candle sticks or plants or florals- there is really no going wrong. Whether you mix and match styles or stick with one simple silhouette- brass candlesticks can add visual interest (and height!) to any tablescape. Has our preaching persuaded you to take a second look at brass yet? Good, then we’ll end with #nuffsaid.

Feature Friday: Antlers at Weddings

Can you tell we’re in fall mode around here? Today we’re chatting about antlers at weddings and even though they’re not exclusively fall decor, they certainly suit the season. Antlers are crazy on trend right now and they’re still out of the ordinary enough to be unique wedding decor. Here’s some of our favourite ways we’ve spotted them being used in weddings on Pinterest.

antlers at weddings

Left to Right / Top to Bottom:

ONE: Who would have thought antlers would look so lovely in a wedding bouquet!? I’m smitten with this idea.

TWO: *Sigh* This wedding arbour is just dreamy! Antlers and florals galore- it’s really just perfect. And it shows that antlers can be a part of summer weddings too! Not just rustic fall ones.

THREE: This simple centrepiece combines our old favourites- jars of florals with wood rounds, but the antlers kick it up about 20 points- to completely awesome.

FOUR: The most manly buttoner you ever did see- don’t you agree?

FIVE: Did we mention they make for gorgeous ring photos?

SIX: This rustic centrepiece is all kinds of wonderful. I love how the antlers are intertwined with the florals.

SEVEN: Antlers add a little extra something to any table decor- I love how they compliment the neutral palette on this cake table!


Tell us… what’s your favourite? I’m head over heels with that ceremony arch!

Gray Weddings that are Anything but Dull

We’re all about adding a healthy dose of colour to events when it’s called for, but these gray weddings show that you don’t need colour for a gorgeous wedding, bursting with personality. Maybe it’s the rainy weather, but we’re sure loving this gray wedding inspiration!

Gray Weddings that are Anything but Dull

Left to Right/ Top to Bottom:

ONE: I have to say… I’ve been swooning over this image (and the whole wedding!) since the moment I saw it… and that was months ago, friends! That textured gray runner with all the wild greens and candles… it’s total perfection.

TWO: This is one stunning cake. I love the ombre appeal with the dark florals and gold detail. It’s just so good!

THREE: We love a great grey suit. These groomsmen certainly have style- even without a dash of colour! Choose suits with texture or detail like the stitching in this suit.

FOUR: Hand lettering is all the personality these simple invitations need. Sometimes less is more, right?

FIVE: Don’t these bridesmaids look incredibly classy? I’m a sucker for a floor length bridesmaid dress and these soft grey numbers are perfect.

SIX: These stunning boutonnieres are from a french industrial wedding (what about that doesn’t sound good?) and I love how the dark berries bring contrast to a typically colourless bundle of blooms.

SEVEN: These simple place settings are beautiful in their simplicity. I love the muted greens tied to a lettered menu.


I might have given away my favourite when I said I was swooning over it for months now… but yep, number one has my heart! Although I have to say… the floral bouttonnieres in number six are holding their own! What’s your favourite pick?


Table Numbers Done Right

I’m going to go and get all opinionated on you today… okay?  I didn’t think you’d mind. Let’s talk about table numbers… specifically table numbers that don’t make you yawn. I’m SO tired of seeing gorgeous weddings that forget the table numbers, so right next to a spectacular centrepiece, inches away from a perfect place setting sits those generic silver stands with a bright white table number card. Or maybe there’s a custom card, but with that awful, awful stand. It takes the whole level of perfection and knocks it down to ‘pretty’ at best. So if you care about my emotional needs, please consider an alternative! Here’s 7 fantastic options to get you started.

Table numbers done right- perfect for events or weddings

Left to right/ top to bottom

ONE: How lovely is this marbled script number? All kinds of lovely, that’s how. I love the texture the marbling adds and it fits so perfectly with the floral arrangement it doesn’t take away at all.

TWO: This DIY chalkboard dipped vase is the perfect alternative to a traditional table number. Better yet? It costs only dollars.

THREE: Oh, my, my. I really am digging this wooden table number. It’s such a fresh take on table numbers. Know anyone handy with a jigsaw?

FOUR: And this numbered stone? *sigh* It’s just so good! You could DIY it with a vinyl cutter to save on custom orders.

FIVE: Okay, okay, so this one is using the stand that I’m protesting. But I wanted to include a super custom and low cost option for you. Engagement photos printed as polaroids with a number laid over top. Simple, right?

SIX: Recognize these table number guest books from last week? You can snag the free printable and have guests leave you a sweet note right from their seats… while avoiding a table number heart attack for everyone who feels like me.

SEVEN: Hand lettering at it’s finest! We love this watercolour and gold leafed table number. The bright colours could be suited to match any decor. Plus… they skipped the awkward stand and placed the card right on the table.

Am I the only person that has strong feelings about table numbers? What’s your favourite way to see tables numbered? Are you a fan of those banquet hall numbers (please say no!)?

Navy and Gold Wedding Inspiration (that’s not nautical!)

I know that we’re still enjoying the summer sunshine, but I’m already thinking fall and winter weddings! Today I’m bringing some darker inspiration colours- gold and navy! And I’m bringing them without the nautical touch that we’ve come to expect. There’s something so moody and gorgeous about a rich dark pallet for weddings. *sigh* Would you swoon with me for a bit?

Navy and Gold Wedding Inspiration for a fall or winter wedding

Left to right, top to bottom:

ONE: Is there anything that’s not perfect about this tablescape? No? Didn’t think so. I’m in love with those gilded chargers, the soft florals and the dark background.

TWO: Speaking of gorgeous florals… The wintery greens of the eucalyptus play so perfectly with navy and gold. Navy dressed bridesmaids with stunning gold jewelry and these bouquets? Just awesome.

THREE: The floral pattern of these table numbers is so sweet. I especially love the gilded number over the darker details.

FOUR: I’m not sure there’s much that’s more luxe than a dark, thick cardstock letterpressed with gold foil. And when the lettering is this pretty? It’s a killer combo.

FIVE: The escort cards at this wedding are so simple, but laid out en masse they make such a statement with moss scattered around.

SIX: Last but not least, we couldn’t complete a mood board without a well dressed groom, could we? Polka dots are such a welcome break from the stripes we usually see with navy!


Are you dreaming of winter weddings now? What’s your favourite shot from the moodboard? I’m a tie between that lovely bouquet and the polka dot tie. But flowers get my vote almost every day of the week!