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Faux Handlettered Song Lyric Art

DIY Faux Hand Lettered Song Lyric Art. I love this for a wedding gift! Customize it with the couple's first dance song

Who else has a wedding or shower every weekend this summer? All of our hands are up, am I right? Today I’m bringing you an easy hack to make your own faux hand lettered song lyric art. It’s the perfect customized gift for a wedding or a wedding shower- just pop the happy couples’ ‘song’ in there and you’re set to go!

DIY Faux Hand Lettered Song Lyric Art. I love this for a wedding gift! Customize it with the couple's first dance song

We’re all about the hand lettering around here. Modern calligraphy? Swoon. Every. Time. But we get that it’s not always an option for every gift. So we wanted to introduce you to the world of hand lettered fonts. Seriously, you guys! There are SO many wonderful ones out there and we may just have a font collector around here that has almost ALL of them. So today we’re going to show you how easy it is to make your own custom art, plus give you a few suggestions on places to snag the fonts we love.

DIY Faux Hand Lettered Song Lyric Art. I love this for a wedding gift! Customize it with the couple's first dance song

We used the lyrics from Ben Harper’s ‘Forever’, which one of our close friends walked down the aisle to. The first thing you’ll need to do is type out the lyrics into a word document. If you’d like a closer look at these screen caps, just click on it to enlarge. We used a mac program, but the same settings are available using Microsoft Word.

DIY Faux Hand Lettered Song Lyric Art. I love this for a wedding gift! Customize it with the couple's first dance song


DIY Faux Hand Lettered Song Lyric Art. I love this for a wedding gift! Customize it with the couple's first dance song

Next, pick your hand lettered font. This is the fun part! There are SO many to choose from. You can browse some free ones at DaFont or you can find the one we used here (Manhattan Darling) and more paid options at Creative Market (our favourite). If you sign up for their email, every Monday you’ll get a batch of free goods from them and there’s usually a beautiful font in there! If you’re thinking you want to buy a ton of fonts (we don’t blame you, they’re addicting), you can get bundles from Creative Market and also from Design Cuts. Just so you feel comfortable- we’ve used fonts from all three with success. No funny business. Each computer system is different, so if you’ve never installed a font, just google it- I promise it’s simple.

DIY Faux Hand Lettered Song Lyric Art. I love this for a wedding gift! Customize it with the couple's first dance song

Okay, so now you’ve picked your font, size it up up up. Then take your page margins way down down down. We chose to justify the text (aligned both left and right) and take the line spacing way down (only .8 of a line). Depending which font and lyrics you choose will mean you play around with sizes and spacing.

DIY Faux Hand Lettered Song Lyric Art. I love this for a wedding gift! Customize it with the couple's first dance song

That’s… it. Seriously! Print it out, frame it up, and you’re good to go. I love how quickly you can whip up a personalized gift. Tell me, would you display this?

Letter all the things!

This is the longest image collage we’ve ever done here. But we just couldn’t narrow it down! Why? Because we really do love to letter ALL THE THINGS. And what makes this collection really special is that we were involved in most of them. Clearly, we feel passionately about calligraphy at weddings! We’ve put together this collection so that when you’re dreaming of signs an incorporating the calligraphy trend into your big day, you’ll think of more than just chalkboards (although we love them too!).

letter all the things- so many options for calligraphy at weddings!


ONE: We’ve got this chest in there twice. We love how simple this painted white metal chest looks with wedding details on it! And how special to have it topped with photos of loved ones?

TWO: Mirrors are kind of the new chalkboard. In fact, we wrote a whole post about it. But I really, really love them gathered together for a high impact seating chart.

THREE: So we haven’t personally tried this yet… but calligraphed cake!? Are there two things I love more?

FOUR: Go big or go home! This giant backdrop is one of my favourite installations to date. It is SO big and SO dreamy.

FIVE: Maybe you want a sign, but you want it bigger and better… we do that too. In fact it’s one of our favourites. Lettering just looks SO good on wood tones!

SIX: You know we’re an advocate for games at weddings… but how about this custom frisbee? Umm- amazing!?

SEVEN: Yep, here’s that chest again! I just love it so much I couldn’t not include it twice.

EIGHT: Let me start by saying, lettering on an uneven, curved surface is HARD. But isn’t it worth it? Look at how dreamy this wedding barrel signage is!?

NINE: Little details like this lettered dress hanger make for wonderful keepsakes and photographs. The best part? This is a DIY you can totally do yourself. 

TEN: We love vintage picnic baskets… and we especially love them when they’re lettered with sweet quotes.

ELEVEN: We made some cute little moss placemats for this St. Patrick’s Day dinner party and the lovely Pommel Co. lettered these napkin transfers. Isn’t that a genius idea?

TWELVE: This is perhaps the prettiest way we’ve seen to tell guests what they’re drinking.

THIRTEEN: We couldn’t let this whole post go by without saying, we really DO love chalkboards still. Like… we love them a LOT.

FOURTEEN: This ceremony decor is one of my favourite we’ve created. And hello, photo opp!

FIFTEEN: Just like chalkboards, we letter a lot of glass. And it’s no wonder- it’s so darn dreamy! Displaying it either against wood or foliage is our favourite ways to see it.


We could really go on forever. What’s your favourite? I’m smitten with the glass sign in foliage at the moment. But come back and I’m sure I’ll be crushing on the picnic basket or something 😉

Dream Job Alert: Our Calligraphy Team is Growing!

Dream Job Alert! Our Calligraphy Team is Growing

Alright, we have a super exciting announcement! We have been blown out of the water by the interest for our in-house calligraphy that we are ready to grow and add a second calligrapher to our team. (amazing, right!?) We’re looking for someone that’s crazy talented with a similar style, loves weddings, and is all around seriously awesome. Think this might be you or someone you know? Here’s all the details below… and please, share this with anyone you think might be a great fit for our team!

Dream Job Alert! Our Calligraphy Team is Growing

Dream Job Alert! Our Calligraphy Team is Growing

Dream Job Alert! Our Calligraphy Team is Growing

PS. We’re fun to be around, I promise.


Calligrapher/Chalkboard Artist – Part Time

Position: Calligrapher/Chalkboard Artist

Work Schedule: Schedule will be flexible and will depend on the volume of projects per weekend

Rate of Pay: Set rates will be paid per project

Start Date: May 2016

The Overview: Your position as the Calligrapher/Chalkboard Artist will be a creative one! You will have the opportunity to create custom boards for our clients based on their wedding vision. Projects can range from welcome chalkboards to place settings to menu boards and large installations.

You will be required to work on multiple surfaces (chalkboards, paper, glass, mirrors, etc.)


Hours are not guaranteed.

The Duties Required:

  • Create calligraphy for weddings & events throughout the year (various sizes, styles and surfaces) – with the bulk of projects being between April – October.
  • Communicate with entire Bespoke team and Lead Calligrapher to organize and assign upcoming projects

The Must-Have Qualifications:

  • Legendary customer service skills
  • Ability to self start and work independently
  • Organizational skills (knowing what projects are upcoming, finishing projects early, keeping on top of emails & requests)
  • Creative mind and willingness to try new projects

The Extra Details:

  • You must have reliable transportation to transport chalkboards/signs as needed to the Bespoke Decor warehouse and event venues


Please submit your application via email at calligraphy@bespokedecor.ca. Please provide an introduction, resume and samples of your work.

Creative ways to display your love story

I love when couples add unique touches to their weddings that completely personalize the experience for guests. One of the sweet ways I’ve seen couples do that is by displaying their ‘love story’. From snapshots of their lives (birth and up) to a written timeline to that staple slideshow- it helps guests who only know one of you (oh hey auntie!) get to know you as a couple. I thought I’d gather up a few creative ways I’ve spotted this done from around the web for you today. Ready to see the inspiration?

creative ways to display your love story at your wedding

ONE: I’m going to be upfront here and say that this is my favourite of favourites. I love a good chalkboard, but the beauty in this baby is that it’s so quirky too. The chalkboard illustrates their story from birth to marriage while noting memorable moments like trips, superbowls, and everything in between. It’s just so. darn. sweet.

TWO: Another chalkboard, this timeline type of ‘love story’ display is one I’ve spotted (and created!) a lot recently. It’s simple, sweet, and fits any decor.

THREE: A different kind of timeline… a photo timeline! This couple hung photos from ribbons, each ribbon with a year label at the top to show their love story.

FOUR: Eclectic and rustic, this display pairs both photos and words to paint a picture of their love story.

FIVE: Hello, second favourite. I love the idea of having a print out (especially something so fun!) of your love story for guests to browse. Partner it with the program while guests wait for the wedding to start.

SIX: Last but not least, a simple photo display. No need to organize by year or add notes- just show us those awkward first selfies.


Now that you know my favourite, and second favourite… tell me, what are yours? Did you share your ‘love story’ at your wedding?

DIY Gilded Acrylic Signs

DIY Gilded acrylic signs for weddings and events

It’s about time for another DIY around here, isn’t it? Today we’re bringing a surprisingly simple DIY to class up your wedding signage. Meet our little friends, these DIY gilded acrylic signs! I wish I could get a show of hands- who loves gold foil. I know it would be most of us, and even you who didn’t raise your hands… you still like it deep down, I know. One of our favourite DIY supplies is liquid gold foil. It’s essentially paint, but with the same gilding properties as gold foil. Pretty awesome, right? Skip the glue and mess of real gold foil and go with this if you’re in a hurry, or just not up for a pain in your butt, okay?

DIY Gilded acrylic signs for weddings and events

We love a good glass sign, but acrylic has such a simple, modern appeal that can match pretty much any decor… ever. And the best part about these little signs? They’re actually dollar store photo frames, just without the photo inside! If you’re running a tally in your head, these things are more affordable than chalkboards… but have all the glitz and class of a glass frame. Ready to hear the how-to?

To make these signs, you’ll need:

  • Acrylic slide-in photo frames
  • Liquid Gold Leaf
  • Thin round paint brush
  • Template printed or sketched out

DIY Gilded acrylic signs for weddings and events

DIY Gilded acrylic signs for weddings and events

DIY Gilded acrylic signs for weddings and events

To get started, sketch out the design that you want to letter on scrap paper. Alternatively, you could print off the wording with a pretty font. Some free ones we love include Janda Stylish Script, Sunshine in my Soul and Movus BrushPen. Slide those templates into your frames to use for tracing. Give your liquid gold a good shake before opening and get to painting!

DIY Gilded acrylic signs for weddings and events

Surprisingly simple… right!? So tell us… what would you use these signs for? Don’t you think they’d make rockin’ table numbers? We say use them for everything… because why not 😉

Feature Friday: Calligraphy Love

Happy Friday! Today’s Feature Friday is going to be a bit different- we’re doing it Instagram style! If you’re already following us on Instagram (woohoo!) you’ll know that we have an amazing in-house calligrapher. Like, ahhh-mazing. So all these beautiful examples are from our Instagram feed and are just a taste of what she can do… and what you can do to include the ridiculously on-trend concept of hand lettering in your big day!

Instagram Calligraphy Bespoke Decor- Weddings

Here’s 8 reasons we love hand lettering and calligraphy for weddings:

ONE: It’s timeless, so Grandma will be pleased and 10 years from now, you will be too.

TWO: It can class up even the most boring directional signage (bathroom this way!).

THREE: It can be done on pretty much any surface.

FOUR: It makes the beloved chalkboard less country and more chic.

FIVE: It can be used to add sentiment to your day with a beloved quote or saying.

SIX: Put down your phone and don’t get in our photographers way. It sounds a bit harsh… until it’s surrounded by flowers, written in gorgeous script.

SEVEN: Themes can be fun, but what’s really awesome? Timeless calligraphy that is so beautiful it IS the theme… without a theme. Hear me?

EIGHT: Function and form. Use all those necessary things (seating charts, directional signage, welcomes, and menus) part of the decor and skip decor for the sake of decor.


I’m sure I could go on… but really let’s end it here:

It’s so. darn. pretty.

Do you need another reason? Didn’t think so.

Table Numbers Done Right

I’m going to go and get all opinionated on you today… okay?  I didn’t think you’d mind. Let’s talk about table numbers… specifically table numbers that don’t make you yawn. I’m SO tired of seeing gorgeous weddings that forget the table numbers, so right next to a spectacular centrepiece, inches away from a perfect place setting sits those generic silver stands with a bright white table number card. Or maybe there’s a custom card, but with that awful, awful stand. It takes the whole level of perfection and knocks it down to ‘pretty’ at best. So if you care about my emotional needs, please consider an alternative! Here’s 7 fantastic options to get you started.

Table numbers done right- perfect for events or weddings

Left to right/ top to bottom

ONE: How lovely is this marbled script number? All kinds of lovely, that’s how. I love the texture the marbling adds and it fits so perfectly with the floral arrangement it doesn’t take away at all.

TWO: This DIY chalkboard dipped vase is the perfect alternative to a traditional table number. Better yet? It costs only dollars.

THREE: Oh, my, my. I really am digging this wooden table number. It’s such a fresh take on table numbers. Know anyone handy with a jigsaw?

FOUR: And this numbered stone? *sigh* It’s just so good! You could DIY it with a vinyl cutter to save on custom orders.

FIVE: Okay, okay, so this one is using the stand that I’m protesting. But I wanted to include a super custom and low cost option for you. Engagement photos printed as polaroids with a number laid over top. Simple, right?

SIX: Recognize these table number guest books from last week? You can snag the free printable and have guests leave you a sweet note right from their seats… while avoiding a table number heart attack for everyone who feels like me.

SEVEN: Hand lettering at it’s finest! We love this watercolour and gold leafed table number. The bright colours could be suited to match any decor. Plus… they skipped the awkward stand and placed the card right on the table.

Am I the only person that has strong feelings about table numbers? What’s your favourite way to see tables numbered? Are you a fan of those banquet hall numbers (please say no!)?

Seating Charts: All the options, for real

Seating charts can be one of the most stressful parts of wedding planning. But they can also be one of the most beautiful features I love to see on Pinterest. But what really is the seating chart for? Do you have to tell each person exactly where to sit? What if your families get along just fine? What if you really just don’t want to put hours and hours into who will sit where? There’s more options than you might think! And I’m not just talking about how you can make it pretty (although theres 1 million and 30 options for that). I’m talking straight up telling people where to sit. Here’s the eight we’ve seen (and love!) and why you might want to do each. We’ll leave all the pretty details up to your browsing Pinterest.

Because you really have more options for seating charts!  Here's 7 different ways you can tell people how to get to their seats- and some of them don't involve hours of planning!

ONE: Escort cards can be one of the prettiest to see displayed. Arrange them in alphabetical order to help guests find theirs. You might associate these with a table full of tent cards, but there’s hundreds of ways to display them like this plywood and dip dye display.

TWO: You can do this? Yep! No seating plan ‘seating plans’ are becoming much more popular. Most couples want to enjoy their day and the planning and don’t want to spend hours stressing about where you’ll sit. This is especially a great option if you’re having a casual wedding or you don’t know of any big conflicts between guests. Although really, we’re all adults- if we don’t want to sit beside someone, we won’t… right? Even if couples choose to ditch the seating plan, they’ll usually reserve tables for their parents with an excellent view.

THREE: You can use favours (or in this case monogrammed glasses for guests to use for the night) to help direct guests to their seats. I like the monogrammed glasses because it’s easier to find than a jar of jam with your name on a tiny label. Having favours arranged so guests can easy get theirs will help keep people moving through the door and to their seats. No one likes a bottleneck before they get a drink in hand!

FOUR: So you get guests to the right table, now where do they sit? Most couples don’t go any further. But if you really want to make sure that Aunt Millie isn’t sitting next to Grandma Jane or you’re planning on pairing up some singles (do people really do that?), you can help get guests to their seats with individual place cards at each setting.

FIVE: This is probably the style of seating chart we see most often- Each table number (or name!) with a list of names under each. It’s the easiest to create and make changes to. You can write them all on one fabulous mirror or keep each table separate.

SIX: For the super planners, a diagram seating chart can be both beautiful and functional. Avoid setting out individual place cards and still direct guests to their seat? It’s an all-in-one design.

SEVEN: You can also help guests find their names by arranging them alphabetically with the corresponding table beside each name. This is great if you don’t have a lot of guests that all know each other, and leads to at table introductions.

EIGHT: I love how clean and simple this one is in particular, but the idea is this. Escort cards they can take with them, arranged like a table order seating chart. Simple, right?


Have you spotted any other seating guides we haven’t mentioned? What is your favourite way to be seated as a guest? I personally love to be told where to sit, but that’s because I often rush in late and like to know a seat has my  name on it!

DIY Chalkboard Art- The Easy Way

DIY Chalkboard Art- the easy/cheaters way!

Today I’m excited to share a few tips to help you DIY your way to the perfect chalkboard sign! As you might know, we have a fabulous in house letterer, but if you’re looking to try your hand at your own chalkboard art, there’s a few tips that will help you get it perfect without being a pro. Call it the ‘easy’ way or the ‘cheaters’ way… it works! Ready for our top 10 tips?

DIY Chalkboard Art- the easy/cheaters way!

1. Use coke to clean your chalkboard. Seriously! If you don’t want to be painting over your chalk mess with new paint every time you want to do a new sign, use coke. It will clean it right up. Plus, you won’t need a full can for cleaning, so pour yourself a glass!

2. Get a chalk pen. Plain old chalk is fabulous to outline your design first  if you like- it erases 1000x easier, BUT a chalk pen will give you such a clean, bright line- it can’t be beat. Choose a chalk pen that has a fine tip for the best results. In this video we’re using this one.

3. Stick to what you know. If you’re not a calligrapher, don’t stress that you can’t get those perfect swashes!

4. Use a ruler to lay out your design. It will make a world of difference in how straight and tidy your design looks.

5. Leave extra space in between your letters. Why? To fake calligraphy! Add some thicker detail to anywhere you have a ‘downstroke’. See what I mean in the video? Anywhere you generally drag your pen downwards, go back over your writing and make that line darker. This will give you a cheaters calligraphy look!

6. Don’t use too many ‘fonts’ or writing styles- it starts to look cluttered.

7. Add in swashes and illustrated details last. Figure out where your main lettering needs to be and add in swashes and filler details last. There’s nothing worse than adding in a beautiful swash only to run out of room for your next line!

8. Don’t stress about touchups. Keep a damp cloth and use the edges to touch up lines that go awry. But do that last- don’t stop writing every time you make a small error. You’ll be much happier in the end!

9. Have fun with it! Get a chalkboard for your home and write a new quote each day or each week- soon, you’ll be loving the process and it won’t be a stress anymore!

10. Practice, practice, practice. Is this the same as number 9? Sort of. What’s the one thing that you can’t seem to get? Is it a script K? Practice that! Do a whole chalkboard of Ks if you have to. You’ll be so much happier with the result the next time you write a sign that uses a K!

The first time I did my own chalk sign I thought- never again! It looked like my high school english teacher’s chalkboard. But now, I’ll happily write on a sign and add some little details! But if I want something extra-beautiful, I still go to our in house letterer… because nothing compares to a pro!

Have you ever tried lettering on chalkboards? Tell us, what are some of your favourite tips?

Feature Friday: Chalkboard Arrows

Feature Friday: Chalkboard Arrows for Weddings

Time for another Feature Friday! As soon as summer hits, time flies by… especially if you work in weddings! Does anyone else feel this way? One of our favourite little signs to rent out are these cute chalkboard arrows. Today I wanted to talk a little bit about how much I really like them. *hint* A lot!

Feature Friday: Chalkboard Arrows for Weddings

Oh, let me count the ways! I am a big, big fan of directional signage and what is more directional than an arrow, right? These guys look incredible handlettered, but they have such charm with directions scrawled in block letters as well. The arrows don’t take themselves too seriously even though they’re gorgeous. Plus… who can turn down a chalkboard? Unless you’re looking at glass of course (did you catch that post?)! Best of all? They’re double sided so you can letter either side AND  you don’t need to worry about getting one that points the right way.

PS. These totally come with a matching ground post that’s not shown. You can check them out here.