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Table Numbers Done Right

I’m going to go and get all opinionated on you today… okay?  I didn’t think you’d mind. Let’s talk about table numbers… specifically table numbers that don’t make you yawn. I’m SO tired of seeing gorgeous weddings that forget the table numbers, so right next to a spectacular centrepiece, inches away from a perfect place setting sits those generic silver stands with a bright white table number card. Or maybe there’s a custom card, but with that awful, awful stand. It takes the whole level of perfection and knocks it down to ‘pretty’ at best. So if you care about my emotional needs, please consider an alternative! Here’s 7 fantastic options to get you started.

Table numbers done right- perfect for events or weddings

Left to right/ top to bottom

ONE: How lovely is this marbled script number? All kinds of lovely, that’s how. I love the texture the marbling adds and it fits so perfectly with the floral arrangement it doesn’t take away at all.

TWO: This DIY chalkboard dipped vase is the perfect alternative to a traditional table number. Better yet? It costs only dollars.

THREE: Oh, my, my. I really am digging this wooden table number. It’s such a fresh take on table numbers. Know anyone handy with a jigsaw?

FOUR: And this numbered stone? *sigh* It’s just so good! You could DIY it with a vinyl cutter to save on custom orders.

FIVE: Okay, okay, so this one is using the stand that I’m protesting. But I wanted to include a super custom and low cost option for you. Engagement photos printed as polaroids with a number laid over top. Simple, right?

SIX: Recognize these table number guest books from last week? You can snag the free printable and have guests leave you a sweet note right from their seats… while avoiding a table number heart attack for everyone who feels like me.

SEVEN: Hand lettering at it’s finest! We love this watercolour and gold leafed table number. The bright colours could be suited to match any decor. Plus… they skipped the awkward stand and placed the card right on the table.

Am I the only person that has strong feelings about table numbers? What’s your favourite way to see tables numbered? Are you a fan of those banquet hall numbers (please say no!)?

Seating Charts: All the options, for real

Seating charts can be one of the most stressful parts of wedding planning. But they can also be one of the most beautiful features I love to see on Pinterest. But what really is the seating chart for? Do you have to tell each person exactly where to sit? What if your families get along just fine? What if you really just don’t want to put hours and hours into who will sit where? There’s more options than you might think! And I’m not just talking about how you can make it pretty (although theres 1 million and 30 options for that). I’m talking straight up telling people where to sit. Here’s the eight we’ve seen (and love!) and why you might want to do each. We’ll leave all the pretty details up to your browsing Pinterest.

Because you really have more options for seating charts!  Here's 7 different ways you can tell people how to get to their seats- and some of them don't involve hours of planning!

ONE: Escort cards can be one of the prettiest to see displayed. Arrange them in alphabetical order to help guests find theirs. You might associate these with a table full of tent cards, but there’s hundreds of ways to display them like this plywood and dip dye display.

TWO: You can do this? Yep! No seating plan ‘seating plans’ are becoming much more popular. Most couples want to enjoy their day and the planning and don’t want to spend hours stressing about where you’ll sit. This is especially a great option if you’re having a casual wedding or you don’t know of any big conflicts between guests. Although really, we’re all adults- if we don’t want to sit beside someone, we won’t… right? Even if couples choose to ditch the seating plan, they’ll usually reserve tables for their parents with an excellent view.

THREE: You can use favours (or in this case monogrammed glasses for guests to use for the night) to help direct guests to their seats. I like the monogrammed glasses because it’s easier to find than a jar of jam with your name on a tiny label. Having favours arranged so guests can easy get theirs will help keep people moving through the door and to their seats. No one likes a bottleneck before they get a drink in hand!

FOUR: So you get guests to the right table, now where do they sit? Most couples don’t go any further. But if you really want to make sure that Aunt Millie isn’t sitting next to Grandma Jane or you’re planning on pairing up some singles (do people really do that?), you can help get guests to their seats with individual place cards at each setting.

FIVE: This is probably the style of seating chart we see most often- Each table number (or name!) with a list of names under each. It’s the easiest to create and make changes to. You can write them all on one fabulous mirror or keep each table separate.

SIX: For the super planners, a diagram seating chart can be both beautiful and functional. Avoid setting out individual place cards and still direct guests to their seat? It’s an all-in-one design.

SEVEN: You can also help guests find their names by arranging them alphabetically with the corresponding table beside each name. This is great if you don’t have a lot of guests that all know each other, and leads to at table introductions.

EIGHT: I love how clean and simple this one is in particular, but the idea is this. Escort cards they can take with them, arranged like a table order seating chart. Simple, right?


Have you spotted any other seating guides we haven’t mentioned? What is your favourite way to be seated as a guest? I personally love to be told where to sit, but that’s because I often rush in late and like to know a seat has my  name on it!

Something Borrowed- Go big… or Not.

Ideas for your Something Borrowed- and thoughts on incorporating tradition into your big day while staying true to you

We are back again today, knocking another ‘something’ off the list! You know the saying by now, “Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue”- today’s ‘Something Borrowed’! If you’ve missed the first three from the series, we started our Something Series with an introduction to the tradition (what the heck is it for!?), then gave you 10 unique ideas for your Something Old, and our Favourite Five Ideas for your Something New. The tradition suggests good luck will be given to brides who wear or carry with them down the aisle these four things.

Today we’re giving you some of our favourite ideas for your something borrowed, but more importantly- we’re talking about how to incorporate tradition into your wedding while staying true to you. Here’s three routes to consider.

1. Start Small. I love tradition, and I especially love the sweet notion of carrying someone you care for with you on your big day BUT, that doesn’t mean it needs to be the focus. Maybe wearing your mom’s wedding dress just isn’t for you. Or maybe you want to carry your recently passed grandmother with you- but don’t want to be asked about it all night. Whatever your thought is- if you’re not keen on this tradition, or if you are but aren’t into making a spectacle (or answering the well-meaning questions), why not choose something small? How about a bracelet from your grandmother- even mix it in with some others as the bride in the cover image did. Wrap a piece of jewelry borrowed from your sister who couldn’t make it to your big day around your bouquet or maybe use a veil from one of your bridesmaid’s weddings. The point here is that you can incorporate tradition and/or pay respect to someone close to you without making a big deal about it. And if Grandma asks what your something borrowed is? You can choose to tell her- or not. It’s up to you!

Ideas for your something borrowed

2. Go Big. Maybe you do love tradition! Hey, after all- you are reading this on a vintage rental blog. Don’t be ashamed to go ‘overboard’ and dive all-in. Our favourite story? This bride had her mother’s wedding dress refashioned (how gorgeous does it look!) to wear on her big day. Does it scream that it’s borrowed? Nope, but she is decked out in that something borrowed. And we love it! How about a vintage getaway car borrowed from your uncle? Maybe your wedding ring itself is borrowed? That’s BIG! Another big borrowing even though it doesn’t look like it? Vows. Why not exchange the same vows of your parents? How sweet!

3. You’re a rule breaker and you want to do things differently. Like- not carry it with you- but set it on a table differently. Do that! We love the idea of displaying family photos, or even all your ‘somethings’ for guests to enjoy. It doesn’t really matter that tradition suggests you carry these tokens with you- take them as a suggestion and have your wedding- your way. After all, no one from ‘tradition’ will need to remember that day for the rest of their lives just you!

Alright, we’ll step down from our soapbox now. But really, we are all for tradition- but we truly believe the most important element of your wedding should be you. So let’s hear from you, are you a fan of tradition or do you like to make your own traditions? What are some of your favourite ideas for a ‘something borrowed’?