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Feature Friday: Crystal Candlesticks

Crystal candlesticks are such a classic piece of decor- yet they’re ignored way too often. We love the variety of shapes and heights they come in, but can look cohesive in a grouping with their crystal appeal. We just had to devote a Feature Friday all to these special guys.

vintage crystal candlesticks are perfect for a wedding!

Photos Left to Right / Top to Bottom:

ONE: Who would have known crystal could look so good in a rustic setting? This tablescape is so simple, but the crystal candlesticks down the long table bring height and interest to an otherwise plain display.

TWO: This table is just stunning. We love the mix of rich florals with the clear crystal. Heaps of candlesticks are striking but don’t take away from the star of the show.

THREE: Or you could let the candlesticks themselves be the star of the show. We love how simple this table setting is while being crazy elegant at the same time. Mixing clear glass and white elements is so refreshing!

FOUR: Mix and match! We love how this jewel toned wedding mixes brass, wood, silver and crystal candlestlicks for an eclectic table runner.


Which is your favourite? I am just in love with number two there… those florals, casual linen, and crystal… it’s all so good!

Feature Friday: Vintage Chandeliers

Somehow I’ve failed to share my love for vintage chandeliers here on the blog. How!? They’re so beautiful! Either way, it’s time to correct that. Today I’m sharing 5 reasons you need to consider a vintage chandelier for your next wedding or event. I’m not even going to show you a zillion pictures of chandeliers… because we already know how gorgeous they are. I’m just going to tell you why you can’t possibly go without one. Deal?

5 Reasons you need a vintage chandelier at your next wedding or event

ONE: There is nothing more romantic and luxurious than a chandelier lit ceremony. If you want your guests to swoon, this will help you get the job done.

TWO: No one looks good under fluorescent lighting. Not even after hours of hair and makeup.

THREE: Vintage chandeliers look stunning in photographs. Have you ever seen a photo of a couple dancing under a chandelier you didn’t like? Nope, we haven’t either.

FOUR: They can make any outdoor space feel cozy and intimate. Oh yeah, they’re not just for indoors. Hang one from an arbour, tree, or tent and you have an instantly more intimate space.

FIVE: Vintage chandeliers have the ability to draw attention to the things that deserve it the most. Whether it’s over your vows, your head table seating, the first dance, your cake cutting or whatever else… I dare you not to look with adoration at whatever is happening under a beautiful chandelier.

Feature Friday: Cafe Lights

I couldn’t decide whether to call this post a Feature Friday or a Trend Report… because these sweet lights are such a popular item this year! Of course we have the traditional twinkle lights, but If I’m to be honest- I’ve fallen hard for these cafe lights! The globe lights, the spacing, the warm glow… I’m sure you’ll see why. here’s nine images that I can almost guarantee will have you swooning for them- just like me.

Inspiration for Cafe Lights at Weddings

ONE: Swoon! We’re off to a good start, aren’t we! The simplicity of this ceremony decor is striking. We love the unexpected element of the cafe lights hung vertically- what an affordable (but big impact) decor!

TWO: If you are lucky enough to have trees surrounding your outdoor wedding- cafe lights are the perfect way to light your event! We adore how naturally these fit into the setting for this real wedding.

THREE: Mmmkay, can we talk about this for a minute? I love everything about it. The simple draped archway, joyful bunting, the layered rugs (oh, yes!), and the cafe lights hung vertically from the ceiling? It’s all so clever and it comes together perfectly!

FOUR: We do this set-up in one form or another all the time, cafe lights hung against the ceiling as alternate lighting (who wants fluorescents!). And this is the reason why- you can’t go wrong! It’s beautiful every time.

FIVE: A lovely bride  used our cafe lights to dress up a dark stage area for their wedding last summer. The casual look of the design cast such a warm glow on guests- talk about mood lighting!

SIX: When I dream about outdoor weddings strung with bistro lights… this is what I dream.

SEVEN: This white and bright venue is perfect for an intimate wedding, we are so inspired by how good the cafe lights look in the daylight.

EIGHT: How cute are they scalloped on a wall? This photo is so simple, but really this style would look excellent in almost setting.

NINE: Talk about a big impact! We love that this couple didn’t cover up the gorgeous brick behind their head table, but featured it with cafe lights strung in one giant swag!

So what do you think- we got you on the cafe light train, didn’t we? What’s your favourite inspiration shot? I’m having such a hard time deciding today! I think I’ll have to go with number one… but seven… and nine are close second(s)!

Have an item you’d like ideas for? Let us know in the comments or shoot us an email and we’d be thrilled to create a Feature Friday around it!