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We Love Holiday Wreaths at Weddings

Every year at Bespoke Decor we do this, Halloween passes and the holidays flood all of our inspiration feeds and we just. can’t. get. enough. Anyone with us? We’re loving it! One of the things we’ve spied and are loving the most? Holiday wreaths at weddings. Simple greenery, simple shape, big statement. If you’re headed towards a winter wedding, would you consider adding wreaths to your decor? Here’s a few ways you could consider (we think might sway you to a ‘yes!’).

I LOVE holiday wreaths at weddings! They're so classic and the perfect way to bring a holiday vibe without red

Left to right / Top to bottom

ONE: How cute is this pooch! We’ve been spying wreaths on pets in weddings for a while, but are loving the wintery take on the trend.

TWO: This one might be one of my favourite uses (which is why it’s in here twice!), wreaths on the back of the bride and groom’s chair. We especially love the lettered signs topping these ones off!

THREE: We had to include this one because of that sweet banner! You could have anything lettered on that baby and it would look incredible. Merry Christmas? Thank you? Just Married? Forever begins here? Whatever you choose, it’s a win guaranteed.

FOUR: As promised, wreaths on chairs 2.0. But really, isn’t this the perfect use for them?!

FIVE: Did we mention that they make a gorgeous photo prop? Hold one of these babies and you’ve completed your holiday card photo!

SIX: This wedding is stunning top to bottom. We love that they decorated the heritage church with classic holiday wreaths– so simple but striking between those gorgeous windows!

SEVEN: We know you’ve loved floral crowns, but how about a pine crown? Embrace the season! This one is a DIY and it’s SO lovely.

EIGHT: This whole wedding (actually the same as numero 2) just oozes cozy winter goodness. We love that she opted for a fur shrug and sleeves- way to embrace the season!

NINE: Okay, okay. So this shot is actually from a spring wedding… but it was drop dead gorgeous so we couldn’t omit it. Is this wild wreath collection above the settee stunning!? I want one in my home now. It’s all kinds of wonderful.


Tell us, what’s your fave? I’m still drooling over number nine. It is happening around here, I swear.

An Easter Inspired Wedding

It’s Good Friday, and with all the beautiful Easter decor I’m seeing around, I was inspired to put together an Easter wedding board for you all. I’m so in love with this purple and peach colour combination- it’s so bright and springy without looking childish. And if you have a lamb and a bunny attend your wedding… would you please invite me? Thank you in advance 😉

an easter inspired wedding with a purple and peach colour scheme


ONE: I’m not going to lie. This bouquet inspired the whole board. Originally I was just going for an ‘Easter’ theme… but this? It’s perfection and changed my mind.

TWO: Is there anything more springtastic than a lamb? I don’t think this one needs any commentary- it’s adorable.

THREE: Isn’t this beyond brilliant!? Flowers for the little bunny tail!?

FOUR: Any mini egg addicts out there? What would you do to get your hands on this cake!?

FIVE: With florals this gorgeous, you don’t need to add anything else to your table for it to look perfect.

SIX: This pretty little purple number is probably the most affordable bridesmaid dress we could have put in here- but it’s also the most beautiful, so you can thank us for that 😉

SEVEN: You know we love some good calligraphy and when you put it on eggs? In vintage egg cups? Well, you’ve got us hooked.

EIGHT: These DIY globes hanging from a barn remind me of Easter eggs without looking like an egg hung.

NINE: I’m loving the little ceramic bunnies hopping around the directional signage– how whimsical!

TEN: You would probably need some handsome little ring bearers at an Easter wedding. Suspenders are highly recommended.

ELEVEN: Sweet little macarons can be made to match any colour pallet, but they’re especially darling in these springy tones.

TWELVE: Last but not least- no Easter wedding is complete without a real live bunny. And no, I don’t think this is insane!


Tell me- what’s your favourite image from this Easter inspired wedding board? I’m swooning over that bouquet but since calligraphy has been on my mind so much lately (we’re loving weeding through your resumes and all the gorgeous portfolios!), I’m also taken by the eggs. Sound off with your picks in the comments!

Happy Holiday to You!

Before we close our doors and head home to enjoy family and festivities for the next couple weeks, we wanted to take the time to wish you, our readers, clients, and peers a very happy holiday. We are so grateful for your continued support and adventures. We can’t wait to get started on another year with you.

bespoke merry

A DIY Holiday Wedding

I’m not sure what it is, but around the holidays I get crafty. If you’re on my gift list, beware! But while I was looking at all these crafty things I could make for under the tree- I kept seeing things that would be amaaazing at a holiday wedding. So here is a collection of amazing DIY wedding ideas. Because I certainly know that sometimes, paying the pros isn’t in the budget- and sometimes, you just want to give it a try yourself!
Inspiration and Tutorials for a DIY Holiday Wedding

Left to Right / Top to Bottom:

ONE: How adorable are these DIY firestarter pinecone favours? Make them in any colour to suit your palette.

TWO: This DIY rustic triple tier cake stand had me at hello. Fill it with treats, favours, or whatever your heart desires.

THREE: Ever wondered how to craft a gorgeous buttoner? This DIY tutorial will have you making beauties in no time. I love the festive berries in this one.

FOUR: Are you in love with floral crowns? We are, and especially this DIY one with winter greens! Get the whole how-to over here.

FIVE: Does everyone have a relative who is SUCH an amazing baker? This wedding cake recipe and instructions will guarantee a gorgeous naked cake for your big day. The berries fit a holiday wedding perfectly- add some rosemary sprigs for greenery.

SIX: Holiday centrepieces look just as suited for wedding tablescapes when fitted with muted greens and berries. This one even comes with a video tutorial.

SEVEN: Is there anything more fitting for a wintery wedding than a DIY hot chocolate bar? This printable sign will have your sweet treat station looking classy in no time.

EIGHT: Double up favours and place cards with these cute festive DIY ornaments! You could use a gold paint pen instead of white chalk marker for a fancier look.

NINE: Maybe you’re not up for designing your own invitations- we hear you loud and clear! But how about printing and cutting? These gorgeous invites are sold as a digital file so you can craft them up yourselves.

TEN: Simply tie sprigs of berries with a stick of cinnamon and twine to napkins for this festive holiday look like this wedding.


Tell me, are you a DIY maven or would you rather leave the details to the pros?

Winter Tones: Perfect Palettes for a Winter Wedding

Winter Tones: Perfect Colour Palettes for a winter wedding

Last month we shared some of our favourite fall palettes and loved the response SO we thought we’d make it a seasonal staple here. Meet six of our favourite winter colour palettes! These wintery tones are the perfect way to coordinate your wedding with the season without going all ice blue or all Christmas red. We’d say that’s a win… wouldn’t you?

ONE: This one reminds me of winter berries and frost. I love the bold jewel tones paired with deep and dusky tones.


TWO: A classic snowy palette gets a bit of a warmer update. I love ice blue as much as the next girl, but you were probably expecting me to include it. Instead, this navy, taupe and muted teals palette brings in the winter blues that we love without bringing images of crystal, fake snow, and glitter to mind.

THREE: Our evergreen palette. I’m such a fan of greens no matter the season, but winter pretty much demands boughs… so why not make them your palette? Include a deep brown and neutral tan to ground it.

FOUR: Go bold! I love these deep wintery colours. Crimson with navy and blue remind me of a winter night sky.

FIVE: I’m such a fan of muted colours this time of year. Take any colours you love and give them a dose of dustiness to create a subtle palette that you can carry right through the winter.

SIX: This is my twist on the ‘Christmas Reds’ palette. A deep red, almost chocolate it’s so dark is brightened with a holiday red and smooth cream. I wouldn’t complain if you sprinkled some gold in there- just sayin’.

Evergreen Winter Wedding Inspiration

Did you catch the early nod to winter a couple weeks back? We’re crazy like that, and today I’m taking it one step further. I’m so taken with winter greens that I’m pulling together an entire winter inspiration board around them. And just so you know- it’s magical. Join me in this winter wonderland, won’t you?

Evergreen Winter Wedding Inspiration

Left to Right, Top to Bottom:

ONE: Boughs and garlands- we’ll take them all, please and thank you. What a magical canopy for a winter wedding. These garlands would look fabulous as a backdrop, in an entry way, anywhere…. really.

TWO: A well dressed groom… *sigh* We’re in love with this vested look and simple winter forest inspired buttoner.

THREE: Whether or not we’re talking greenery… I’d be crazy not to include some seasonal florals! These blooms are in season in December and pair so well with evergreen touches.

FOUR: Would you believe me if I told you this icy looking beauty of a cake is from a summer event? No lie… but it really belongs at a winter wedding if you ask me.

FIVE: This bouquet… it’s dreamy! Could you even disagree with that? The frosted tones paired with the bold winter greens. It’s all kinds of winter wonderful.

SIX: Mini cupcakes with simple sprigs of pine- it couldn’t be more simple, but it sure packs a punch!

SEVEN: Give guests a tip off to the wintery scene they’ll be walking into with simple invitations adorned with evergreen illustrations.

EIGHT: We always go back to sprigs of greenery at each place setting- but it just works! No matter the theme, no matter the season. These winter greens are no exception.

NINE: This lush garland is all sorts of wonderful. The whole wedding is, really. We love that they mixed traditional greens in with some wintery options like pine for this table runner garland.

TEN: It’s a little bit boho, it’s a little bit elegant. Hanging sprigs of cedar with gold garlands makes for such a whimsical backdrop at this wedding.

ELEVEN: Isn’t this just magical? There’s something about snow covered pine trees that takes me to a winter wonderland of fairytale weddings.


It’s a big list today, right?! I just couldn’t stop. What’s your favourite? I’m all about that garland in number 9. And those sweet florals in number 3. Just give me flowers year round and I’ll be happy.

DIY Moss Placemats & Saint Patrick’s Day Blogger Party!

DIY a Classy Saint Patrick's Day Party

DIY a Classy Saint Patrick's Day Party

Saint Patrick’s Day is coming! I am so happy to have teamed up with my friend Colleen from Lemon Thistle and 5 other talented bloggers to bring you this Classy (and DIY!) Saint Patrick’s Day Party! You can pop over and see all the photos from the party (keep your eye out for my golden bar cart!) and find the schedule for the rest of the tutorials, printables and recipes that will be posted this week. We’re taking turns sharing our tutorials all week, and today- I’m sharing the how-to on those gorgeous Moss Placemats!

DIY Round Moss Covered Placemats - for a Classy Saint Patrick's Day Party

DIY Round Moss Covered Placemats - for a Classy Saint Patrick's Day Party

When we were brainstorming how to class-up Saint Patrick’s Day decor, we loved the idea of using live greenery to bring the decor to life. Now that we’re offering in house floral, you know I jumped all over that and brought down a selection of greenery to work with. We figured we needed green at each place setting as well- enter the moss placemats. We thought this would look good… but it turned out looking ah-mazing! And it took me no time at all to create them (it’s our little secret).

DIY Round Moss Covered Placemats - for a Classy Saint Patrick's Day Party

DIY Round Moss Covered Placemats - for a Classy Saint Patrick's Day Party

DIY Round Moss Covered Placemats - for a Classy Saint Patrick's Day Party

DIY Round Moss Covered Placemats - for a Classy Saint Patrick's Day Party

To make the placemats, you’ll need a roll of moss, scissors, round placemats (we used these ones in green), and a hot glue gun. We used live moss (and I’m crazy in love with the way it looks) but that can be a bit pricy, I’m sure artificial moss would look just lovely too! Start by laying your placemats over the moss and cutting out square pieces large enough to cover the placemats. Next, glue those moss pads to the place mat by applying a patch of glue to the centre, adhering, then applying glue carefully around the edges.

DIY Round Moss Covered Placemats - for a Classy Saint Patrick's Day Party

DIY Round Moss Covered Placemats - for a Classy Saint Patrick's Day Party

DIY Round Moss Covered Placemats - for a Classy Saint Patrick's Day Party

DIY Round Moss Covered Placemats - for a Classy Saint Patrick's Day Party

When your hot glue has set (two minutes or so), use scissors to carefully cut around the placemat to create a circle. Live moss can be a bit knotty, so it might take some trimming to get clean looking cut lines.

DIY Round Moss Covered Placemats - for a Classy Saint Patrick's Day Party

DIY Round Moss Covered Placemats - for a Classy Saint Patrick's Day Party

DIY Round Moss Covered Placemats - for a Classy Saint Patrick's Day Party

DIY Round Moss Covered Placemats - for a Classy Saint Patrick's Day Party

That’s all there is to it! I told you they were simple to make! Now you can make yourself a set for your next dinner party and make all your friends jealous. What do you think of this idea? Is it something you’d ever try? We’d love if you let us know what you think in the comments! And be sure to head over to check out the whole gallery from the party to find the links to the other projects. I’ll be sharing them on social media this week too- so make sure you’re following along (links in sidebar)!

Sources: Chairs, Mirrored Trays, Barcart, Decanters, Trumpet, Dice, Green Vases, Moss Placemats, Wine Glasses, Gold Cake Stand: Bespoke Decor Rentals | Dresses: Vero Moda | Cupcakes: Cupcak’d | Baby Guinness Irish Coffee Jell-O Shots: Feast & West | Tissue Paper Garland, Candy Coated Cake, Paint Dipped Silverware, Table Cloths, & Dresser: Lemon Thistle | Candy Bag Toppers, Napkin Transfers: Pommel Lane | Felt Cauldrons with Gold Cookies, Gold Glitter Champagne Bottles: Not Just a Mommy | Paper Poppies: Avery Street Design | Shamrock Sugar Cookies: Club Narwhal | All Photography by Lemon Thistle

Emerald Green Wedding Inspiration

I couldn’t possibly let March go by without sharing some inspiration for a green wedding, now could I? Saint Patrick’s Day is known for many things, and typically- glamour isn’t one of them. But these emerald inspired photos could change your mind!

Emerald Green Wedding Inspiration

1. These menus are quite literally emeralds… and we have nothing but good things to say about them! The drink flags are a fun addition too!

2. This is the brightest inspiration photo we have in the collection- but how could we say no to a place setting with planted clover? The gold edged plate and matching flatware is gorgeous too!

3. This emerald inspired wedding shoot wraps the bright emerald colour in organic charm. Those handlettered gold and green place settings pull it all together.

4. If I’m going to be a bridesmaid in a wedding, I could only hope I get to wear a number like this! The floor length emerald bridesmaid dresses are so classy!

5. Is there anything better than a well dressed groom? Not if you’re the bride to this charcoal suit wearing groom! I love the slim tie in a deep emerald.

6. Bring out the greenery! We Love (with a capital L, notice) this organic table runner mixed with clear glass and tapers- it’s such a fresh take on the colour green!

7. This tablescape is beyond full of vintage inspiration! The decanters add such classic appeal, and who can turn down a hand lettered place setting? Especially in that deep green!

8. Love and Lattes Forever. I couldn’t agree more, and this bride’s emerald nail polish is such a fun pop of colour- is it something you’d dare try?

9. This inspiration actually comes from a baby shower, not a wedding- but it’s so incredibly stunning, they could have fooled me! The bold stripes have Kate Spade appeal, don’t you think?

10. This wedding inspiration is inspired by the Kentucky Derby. I’m feeling some Saint Patrick’s Day love from it too though, the glassware is perfection!


What do you think of the colour green for weddings? We’re loving it so much right now! Perhaps we’re in the Irish spirit of Saint Patrick’s Day a bit early. What’s your favourite photo from today’s collection? I have to say I’m head over heels for number 7! It’s so classy, and moody, and rustic- all in one!

Merry Happy- and a Freebie!

It’s Christmas! We’re excited to take the week off and relax with a cup of hot cocoa, snuggle under blankets and watch holiday movies with family. Before we get lost in the holiday magic, I wanted to stop in and wish YOU, our wonderful readers and incredible customers a Very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Whatever you’re celebrating, and whoever you’re celebrating with, we hope you feel merry and bright.

Merry Happy - Free Printable from Bespoke

I want you to know how much I appreciate you- I could never live my dream and spend my days surrounded by vintage prettys (and sometimes not so pretty paperwork) without your support. Creating decor that speaks to you is what I’m passionate about and this season while we’re busy reflecting on what’s made our year special- I thought you should know you’re on my list.

Merry Happy - Free Printable from Bespoke

And as a bonus! If you’re needing some last minute holiday cards- we’ve got you covered with these free printables! Click the image below to download the full size PDF and spoil your friends and family with words of encouragement this holiday season!

Merry Happy - Free Printable from Bespoke

PS. I’ll be back on the 30th to share some inspiration for your NYE!

DIY Day: Insulator Candle Holders

Now that the holidays are winding down, I finally have time to do this blog post!

I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays! I certainly have. Not only do I get to spend time with some amazing family, but my stocking just happened to be filled with new pens, gift tags, post it’s and vintage style magazines. All things that make my heart go pitter-patter.

So! Without further ado, here is a quick step by step guide to making Vintage Insulator Candle Holders! These beauties look absolutely stunning hanging randomly in trees or around your wedding reception. Plus, they are super unique and one of a kind – making everything just a little more special

Step by Step:

Step 1: Gather your supplies: Old Insulators (try to avoid the extra-large ones just because they are a bit heavy for this particular project), wire from any home building supplies store, wire cutters and pliers.

Step 2: Take your wire and wrap it around the narrow part of the glass creating a tight hold (you will notice a natural groove where the wire will go – this is where the power lines used to be used!) You will want to do this until you have enough wire that it’s sturdy and doesn’t flip-flop around. We will be using these insulators upside down.

Step 3: Cut another piece of wire (the size is up to you – it just depends how long you would like the wire to hang above the actual candle. I did mine in many different sizes.)

Step 4: Loop the new piece of wire through the wire already attached on two sides opposite one another to create the U shape that will be the handle. Tighten, wrap and mold this wire until it has a solid hold on the entire insulator. The wire is never the same on each piece. Sometimes it needs an extra wrap around to keep it sturdy – don’t worry about that! Just use what you need to get the job done.

Step 5: Add a candle and voila! Beautiful hanging candle holders made from old Insulators.

I hope you enjoy this craft as much as I did! If you have any questions, or you’re stuck on a certain step that just doesn’t agree with you…. Let me know! I’m happy to help you through it.

Shopping Tip: You should pay no more than $5/insulator. However, if you do come across any with purple glass this is much more valuable as it would have been used pre-war. The price of the purple pieces can vary but will be significantly more.

Thanks for reading! Enjoy your last few days of 2013!