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Everyone loves free wedding printables

So we know that weddings can be crazy expensive- and we know that you want them to look amazing whether or not you’re dropping the big bucks. So we’ve rounded up some of our favourite free wedding printables that are also ridiculously gorgeous to help make your day awe-some! And yes… these are all 100% free.

free printables for weddings

Left to Right / Top to Bottom:

ONE: Let’s start with some gorgeous florals, why don’t we? I love these printable paper fans that have floral illustrations on one side and an editable program on the other. Cute and functional.

TWO: Our very own free printable table number guest books had to make it into the list! Cross guest book and table numbers off your list with this free printable DIY. And they come in three colours to boot.

THREE: Will you be my bridesmaid? Spoiler- if you ask me with this card I’ll probably say yes! The florals are crazy pretty.

FOUR: This beachy watercolour invitation is so lovely, and better yet they have a whole suite of coordinating paper goods! Is there anything The Wedding Chicks can’t do?

FIVE: Three words: custom. drink. tickets. *swoon* Is there anything more tacky than red dollar store drink tickets? NO? I didn’t think so. But these could be on the fanciest of wedding tables.

SIX: An entire invitation suite as a free printable? Oh yes, she did! We love everything Lia Griffith does and this baby is no different.

SEVEN: How fun are these chalkboard looking placemats!? What a great way to add character to an already beautiful table. I love these for buffets since you won’t have a plate at each setting.

EIGHT: Oh Happy Day! These photo save the dates are just so darn pretty we couldn’t leave them off the list!

NINE: This free invitation and details card template gives you all the goods you need to make your own custom invitations. How amazing are all those fonts they’ve used? And all free!

TEN: What better way to announce that you’re engaged than with a sweet postcard? These lovely photo post cards are from our friend and local wedding planner Sweetheart Events and come in four colours.


Phew- quite the list right! And most of these sites have more than just what’s shown. It’s like an endless supply of awesome, all for free. Have you ever used a free printable before? Would you? We’d love to hear in the comments!

Guest Book Table Numbers- Free Printables!

Table Number Guest Books... So fun! (Free printable in three colour schemes, 15 numbers)

As much as we love some of the creative guest books out there- some of them only allow for guests to sign their name and maybe sneak in a ‘Congrats!’. We love reading the sweet notes that guests leave for the bride and groom: advice, words of wisdom and love, memories, and even encouragement. These little booklets make a fun guest book alternative. Place one on each table as the table number marker and have guests fill out notes over the course of the night. Package them up as a cute display on your book case and every year snuggle up with a bottle of wine to read the sweet notes from your loved ones.

Table Number Guest Books... So fun! (Free printable in three colour schemes, 15 numbers)

You could design these to look however you like, or even customize store bought notebooks (have you seen these gorgeous guys?!) with some gold leaf. We’ve created these simple ones in the numbers 1 through 15 for you in 3 different colour schemes: pinks, greens, and black. All you need to do is click the colour below you’re digging and download the printable PDF document.


Table Number Guest Books... So fun! (Free printable in three colour schemes, 15 numbers)

Table Number Guest Books... So fun! (Free printable in three colour schemes, 15 numbers)

Table Number Guest Books... So fun! (Free printable in three colour schemes, 15 numbers)

When you have your covers printed on card stock (I chose a gloss cover stock), cut pages out of standard printer paper to the same size, fold in half and use an embroidery needle to bind as shown.

Just so you’re forewarned, we’re kind of on a table number kick around here… so we’ll have a round up of some of our faves (including these guys!) for you next Tuesday! Have any you’re in love with that you’d like to see included? Send them our way 🙂

Feature Friday: Vintage Mailboxes at Weddings

There are some things that are so cute just by themselves that you so badly want to include them in every. thing. you. do. But sometimes it’s hard to know how to use them! One of those things for me is the vintage mailbox (we have two!). They are adorable! I wish we still had mailboxes at the ends of our driveways instead of at our door because it would make our streets look so much cuter. But since that’s not going to happen, you should totally include them in your wedding! Here’s some ideas to help make it happen:

Our favourite ways to use vintage mailboxes at weddings

Left to Right:

ONE: We love using mailboxes for guest books. Use a pack of post cards for guests to write a sweet message on and collect them to read through later or have them mailed to you (put that best man to work!) over the next year for happy mail every month.

TWO: Mailboxes are meant for happy mail! Why not use one to collect all the cards from guests?

THREE: They’re so darn cute you really don’t need them to be useful. Call them decor, because that’s what they really are. Fill them with flowers to up the pretty!

FOUR: (not pictured) Have little favours you’re giving to guests? Why not serve them up in a vintage mailbox? I’m thinking seed packets, matchbooks, art prints, whatever as long as it fits!

There’s our favourite four ideas for vintage mailboxes at weddings… have any awesome ideas that we missed? We’d love for you to share in the comments!

Feature Friday: Vintage Typewriters

Vintage Typewriters at weddings- they were made for eachother

How have I not posted about vintage typewriters yet? Really, right!? We have four of them plus a vintage cash register (which kind of counts). There are so many reasons to love them, but what I like most about them is how versatile they are. They can be so incredibly classy, they can be vintage cute or eclectic, and they can be steampunk. Whether you use them as a centrepiece, covered in flowers, or one of these creative ways- you really can’t go wrong!

ONE: You know I had to throw one in of a typewriter filled with florals. It’s my favourite way to see them used, but these others give it a run for it’s money!

TWO: How stunning is this guest book setup!? I love the notes of love clipped up as a wall behind a gorgeous vintage typewriter.

THREE: This shabby chic wedding features a typewriter as welcome signage- I love that it get’s the spotlight right at the entrance!

FOUR: This vignette has everything good about vintage. It’s so dark and moody and that garden backdrop? I love every bit of it.

FIVE: Hello, amazing seating chart! Can I just point out the perfect use of a vintage door to hold this list in place? It’s all just so good.

I’d love to hear what your favourite is! Although my favourite use for a typewriter is filled with gorgeous blooms, I can’t get over the vignette in number four. So that has to take the cake for me today.

If you have an item you’d like to learn more about and be inspired with unique ways to use- let me know in the comments! We’ll make it happen for you.