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Feature Friday: Calligraphy Love

Happy Friday! Today’s Feature Friday is going to be a bit different- we’re doing it Instagram style! If you’re already following us on Instagram (woohoo!) you’ll know that we have an amazing in-house calligrapher. Like, ahhh-mazing. So all these beautiful examples are from our Instagram feed and are just a taste of what she can do… and what you can do to include the ridiculously on-trend concept of hand lettering in your big day!

Instagram Calligraphy Bespoke Decor- Weddings

Here’s 8 reasons we love hand lettering and calligraphy for weddings:

ONE: It’s timeless, so Grandma will be pleased and 10 years from now, you will be too.

TWO: It can class up even the most boring directional signage (bathroom this way!).

THREE: It can be done on pretty much any surface.

FOUR: It makes the beloved chalkboard less country and more chic.

FIVE: It can be used to add sentiment to your day with a beloved quote or saying.

SIX: Put down your phone and don’t get in our photographers way. It sounds a bit harsh… until it’s surrounded by flowers, written in gorgeous script.

SEVEN: Themes can be fun, but what’s really awesome? Timeless calligraphy that is so beautiful it IS the theme… without a theme. Hear me?

EIGHT: Function and form. Use all those necessary things (seating charts, directional signage, welcomes, and menus) part of the decor and skip decor for the sake of decor.


I’m sure I could go on… but really let’s end it here:

It’s so. darn. pretty.

Do you need another reason? Didn’t think so.

DIY Chalkboard Art- The Easy Way

DIY Chalkboard Art- the easy/cheaters way!

Today I’m excited to share a few tips to help you DIY your way to the perfect chalkboard sign! As you might know, we have a fabulous in house letterer, but if you’re looking to try your hand at your own chalkboard art, there’s a few tips that will help you get it perfect without being a pro. Call it the ‘easy’ way or the ‘cheaters’ way… it works! Ready for our top 10 tips?

DIY Chalkboard Art- the easy/cheaters way!

1. Use coke to clean your chalkboard. Seriously! If you don’t want to be painting over your chalk mess with new paint every time you want to do a new sign, use coke. It will clean it right up. Plus, you won’t need a full can for cleaning, so pour yourself a glass!

2. Get a chalk pen. Plain old chalk is fabulous to outline your design first  if you like- it erases 1000x easier, BUT a chalk pen will give you such a clean, bright line- it can’t be beat. Choose a chalk pen that has a fine tip for the best results. In this video we’re using this one.

3. Stick to what you know. If you’re not a calligrapher, don’t stress that you can’t get those perfect swashes!

4. Use a ruler to lay out your design. It will make a world of difference in how straight and tidy your design looks.

5. Leave extra space in between your letters. Why? To fake calligraphy! Add some thicker detail to anywhere you have a ‘downstroke’. See what I mean in the video? Anywhere you generally drag your pen downwards, go back over your writing and make that line darker. This will give you a cheaters calligraphy look!

6. Don’t use too many ‘fonts’ or writing styles- it starts to look cluttered.

7. Add in swashes and illustrated details last. Figure out where your main lettering needs to be and add in swashes and filler details last. There’s nothing worse than adding in a beautiful swash only to run out of room for your next line!

8. Don’t stress about touchups. Keep a damp cloth and use the edges to touch up lines that go awry. But do that last- don’t stop writing every time you make a small error. You’ll be much happier in the end!

9. Have fun with it! Get a chalkboard for your home and write a new quote each day or each week- soon, you’ll be loving the process and it won’t be a stress anymore!

10. Practice, practice, practice. Is this the same as number 9? Sort of. What’s the one thing that you can’t seem to get? Is it a script K? Practice that! Do a whole chalkboard of Ks if you have to. You’ll be so much happier with the result the next time you write a sign that uses a K!

The first time I did my own chalk sign I thought- never again! It looked like my high school english teacher’s chalkboard. But now, I’ll happily write on a sign and add some little details! But if I want something extra-beautiful, I still go to our in house letterer… because nothing compares to a pro!

Have you ever tried lettering on chalkboards? Tell us, what are some of your favourite tips?

Feature Friday: Chalkboard Arrows

Feature Friday: Chalkboard Arrows for Weddings

Time for another Feature Friday! As soon as summer hits, time flies by… especially if you work in weddings! Does anyone else feel this way? One of our favourite little signs to rent out are these cute chalkboard arrows. Today I wanted to talk a little bit about how much I really like them. *hint* A lot!

Feature Friday: Chalkboard Arrows for Weddings

Oh, let me count the ways! I am a big, big fan of directional signage and what is more directional than an arrow, right? These guys look incredible handlettered, but they have such charm with directions scrawled in block letters as well. The arrows don’t take themselves too seriously even though they’re gorgeous. Plus… who can turn down a chalkboard? Unless you’re looking at glass of course (did you catch that post?)! Best of all? They’re double sided so you can letter either side AND  you don’t need to worry about getting one that points the right way.

PS. These totally come with a matching ground post that’s not shown. You can check them out here.

Trend Report: Move over chalkboards, here comes glass

Move over chalkboards! Here comes glass. It’s no secret that chalkboards have been crazy popular at weddings for the past couple years. In 2015 we’re seeing a turn towards vintage windows and mirrors for signage. It’s a welcome change for white, bright weddings and shine is never a bad thing at weddings. Ready for some eye candy?

I'm loving the look of mirrors and glass for signs instead of chalkboards at weddings... so classy!

ONE: Go big or go home, right? This glass panelled vintage door makes the perfect seating chart with one little window per table.

TWO: This wedding is chock full of gorgeous hand lettering. If you’re a fan, trust me- hop over and check it out.

THREE: Talk about some classy bar signage! We love how extravagant this mirror signage is.

FOUR: This beauty is one of our own! I love how the simple lettering looks as if it’s floating in such a large frame.

FIVE: We love a good seating chart. This one is simple and classy all wrapped up in one. I love that the vintage mirror reflects the gorgeous scenery from this outdoor wedding.

SIX: In leu of a program, this gorgeous mirror signage gives guests all the details.

SEVEN: Pure class. If you look closely, this wedding has champagne glasses with scrolls to show guests to their seats.

And if you’re wondering, YES! Our in house calligrapher letters on glass as well as chalkboard. What’s your favourite out of all the above? Mine would have to be number two. The combination of gold and white ink with the greenery and brick backdrop showing through? Dreamy.

Feature Friday: 10 Ideas for Eva Framed Chalkboard

10 fun ideas for a framed chalkboard at your wedding!

Today for Feature Friday we’re featuring one of our most loved pieces- the Eva Frame and Chalkboard! Not only are we sharing some photos of this pretty frame, but we’ve got 10 creative ways to make use of Eva- or any large framed chalkboard at your wedding! We are total suckers for chalkboards and pretty frames, we have a truck-full of them. So you know we have ideas on how to make the best use of them! Here’s our top 10… and some pretty pictures of miss Eva in action.

10 fun ideas for a framed chalkboard at your wedding!

1. Seating Chart: Let’s start with the obvious one first, shall we? We love a hand lettered seating chart, and pair that with chalk? Match made in heaven I tell you!

2. Menu: Whether bar or meal, we’re all for having the options displayed in a pretty way.

3. Directions: Especially if you’re having an outdoor wedding, direct your guests to the ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception in style with a beautiful framed chalkboard. Even indoor weddings could use a sign directing guests to the photo booth, coffee bar, and restrooms.

4. Schedule: Display your itinerary for guests. Everyone wants to know when they’re going to get to eat, do them the favour and let them know (in chalk, of course!).

5. Your Love Story: Share your love story timeline or a fun infographic with facts about you. It will be a fun discussion piece all night long!

6. Programs: Save some time and money by displaying your ceremony program (which one was the Maid of Honour again?) on a framed chalkboard instead of individually printed programs.

7. Welcome: Welcome your guests in style, have a hand letterer (we have one in house, did you know?) illustrate your names, date, and a welcome message to your guests- this is especially nice to do if your venue has multiple weddings happening at the same time.

10 fun ideas for a framed chalkboard at your wedding!

8. Quote: ‘Love sweet Love’ or ‘Here Comes the Bride’ make beautiful decor when displayed on a framed chalkboard.

9. Informational Signage: Telling your guests that there’s no seating plan, that you’d rather not have them take photos, or that shuttles leave at 9:30 and 11:00 can be a drag- display it on a pretty chalkboard and enjoy your evening. Even if it’s fun information (If you Instagram, hashtag us! #joneswedding2015), keep it front of mind for your guests in big chalk letters.

10. Thank You: Make your guests feel appreciated and thank them for their presence, everyone loves to know that they made you feel blessed/thankful/joyful by being there. Take a photo with your sign for the perfect thank you card!

10 fun ideas for a framed chalkboard at your wedding!

Did we miss anything? We’d love to hear your fun ideas for chalkboards at weddings! Share them with us in the comments.

Photos from wedding show via Lemon Thistle– read more about her visit to our warehouse here!

DIY Chalkboard Dipped Vases

DIY Chalkboard Dipped Vases

I’m so excited to share this DIY with you today! It’s super simple so anyone could pull this one off, but it has big charm. These chalkboard dipped vases could be used as table numbers, but if you’re not planning an event or wedding they also make a lovely gift (for yourself!). Ready to see how they’re made?

DIY Chalkboard Dipped Vases

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Glass Vases (these are from the dollar store!)
  • Chalkboard Paint
  • Painters Tape
  • Paint Brush
  • Chalk
  • Chalk Pen

DIY Chalkboard Dipped Vases

DIY Chalkboard Dipped Vases

Start by cleaning our vases until they’re sparkling- this will help the paint stick. Next, tape off the area you’d like to paint. I chose to do them all at different heights, but you could make them uniform. Make sure you press the tape down so there are no air bubbles so you get a nice clean line with no bleed.

DIY Chalkboard Dipped Vases

Now you’re ready to paint. Chalkboard paint covers fairly well but for a surface like glass, you’ll still want to do a few light coats instead of one thick one. This will give you a nice even coverage. Let each coat dry fully in between- this shouldn’t take long if you’re doing light coats though. When your final coat is dry, carefully peel back the tape.

DIY Chalkboard Dipped Vases

DIY Chalkboard Dipped Vases

DIY Chalkboard Dipped Vases

Lookin’ pretty, right? Before you get excited and write on your vases, you need to cure them. What? Yeah, if you write on them now you’ll never get those marks off! Take a piece of chalk and rub it all over your chalkboard. Rub it in with a rag, then wipe it off with a damp rag. Now it’s ready for your artwork! I used a chalk pen to write on these- chalk pens are the things restaurants use to write on their chalkboard menus (think Starbucks) and they’re amazing- they give such bold colour and clean lines.

DIY Chalkboard Dipped Vases

DIY Chalkboard Dipped Vases

DIY Chalkboard Dipped Vases

That’s all there is to it! Go ahead and get creative… I made some up to look like table numbers for you- but my favourite is the one I made to put on my kitchen counter. How happy would you be to get this Hello Gorgeous vase full of flowers as a gift!? I know, it’s adorable.

DIY Chalkboard Dipped Vases

DIY Chalkboard Dipped Vases

What do you think of chalkboard? Have you ever tried chalkboard paint? Isn’t it great that you can paint ANYTHING with the stuff? If you make one of our DIYs, we’d love if you shared it with us!