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Dark & Moody Bouquets

Alright, you guys! I just can’t get over the dark moody florals I’m seeing this season. Our last round up was all about white pumpkins and was so nice and bright, but I have been itching to get back to the dark side. I’ve rounded up some beautiful bouquets that are either completely dark and moody or have some serious pumps of dark that bring such character to lighter bouquets. Ready to swoon with me?

LOVE these dark and moody bouquets- perfect for an autumn wedding


ONE: Is anyone here a SYTYCD or Dancing with the Stars fan? This is Whitney’s wedding bouquet… and it’s a STUNNER. That trailing foliage. *sigh*

TWO: Purples are one of those colours that play SO well with the dark and moody theme. This one’s wild and wandering shape is near perfection.

THREE: This bouquet is actually a light and neutral bouquet without the darker foliage. The deep hued leaves are such a simple way to play into the darks!

FOUR: I’m such a sucker for black centred anemones and this bouquet plays off the dark centres with some larger dark blooms. Also… those dark lips!

FIVE: This is the darkest I’ve found that doesn’t look a single bit tacky. It’s lovely in fact! So now you know you can go *almost* black in every sense of the word and still be lovely.

SIX: Did you know that succulents could be dark and moody? Oh, they totally can! And this beautifully organic bouquet is amazing. Period.

Do you have a favourite? I’m still swooning over Whitney’s. But those anemones are a close second.

Trend Alert: Backless Bridal Dresses

Alright, so this trend isn’t brand new but it’s seeing a huge upturn this year! We’ve long been admiring backless dresses, but they weren’t making their way into your real life weddings until recently. And let’s be honest, we’re so glad they have! They pack all the va va voom in the back and pure class in the front. We love that they can be structured, traditional, lace, boho, even fit for a tropical wedding. Here’s some looks we’ve spied on Pinterest we’re loving:

We're loving the backless wedding dress! These are some awesome ones


ONE: Isn’t this photo what dreams are made of? We love that this lace number is completely traditional in the front (long sleeves and all!) while wowing us when she turns.

TWO: This dress is more sleek and traditional (no lace here!), but the dipping backline is really all the detail this satin number needs!

THREE: This lace is SO beautiful! the sheer back helps it to fit like a glove without taking away from the backless look. Plus, who wouldn’t want a photo like this to remember their big day?

FOUR: This dress is couture! Seriously fashionable, friends. If you’re wanting to make a statement with your dress, this is a fabulous way to do it!

FIVE: This boho number is simply gorgeous. We love the long sleeves and sectioned lace skirt.

SIX: This lace gown features barely there straps which will make you look twice. And can we point out that lovely crown?

SEVEN: Talk about an up and down! What we love most about this dress (other than the love she’s getting in it) is that it’s structured and modern! Most backless dresses we see are lace and a bit boho, but that’s not the only option!


Tell us, what is your favourite? I’m still dreaming of the first one, but it could be because I wish I was there right now.

8 Beautiful Ideas for your Something Blue

Something Blue. The last of the Something Series! If you missed the others you can check them all out here. The tradition suggests that luck be passed to brides who carry ‘Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue’ along with them down the aisle. Today we’re bringing you 8 beautiful ways to incorporate something blue into your big day.

Something Blue- 8 beautiful ideas for your wedding day

ONE: This subtle bow tied inside the skirt of a wedding dress is such a lovely (and hidden!) something blue. We’re sure you’ve also seen this photo floating around pinterest- the bride had a piece of a relative’s shirt/tie sewn into a heart on the back of her dress. Adorable!
TWO: We love a gorgeous garter- this one is a dusky blue and would make the perfect something blue!
THREE: Ready to channel your inner Elvis? These blue suede shoes make a statement! You could go for a more subtle colour of blue shoes, or even just paint the bottoms of your shoes with a blue.
FOUR: Talk about a swoon-worthy bouquet! You might have thought that blue flowers couldn’t look neutral, but this bouquet screams otherwise. You could also add a blue ribbon or charm to a bouquet that matches your wedding colours.
FIVE: If you want to go a little wild for your something blue, why not wear it in your hair? This bride had her hair dresser put a small blue streak in her updo for her big day.
SIX: One of the easiest ways to bring in a something blue to your wedding is to wear it in your jewellery. Personally, I’d go for these lovely cushion cut earrings in an icy blue. They’re subtle enough that they won’t stand out, but they’re oh so classy!
SEVEN: Why not knock off all your somethings with one pin? This pin is for sale, but it would be a simple DIY as well! Pin it inside the skirt of your dress and show it off when requested.
EIGHT: We love the idea of a fun blue pedicure for your wedding day! If you don’t want to show off your something blue and are sporting close-toed pumps, this is the perfect way to keep your something blue under wraps, but easy to show off when someone asks where your blue is. If you want to show it off, open toe shoes would look lovely too, your blue would poke out as you walk down the aisle.

So let’s hear it… what’s your favourite? Mine has to be that bouquet… but that’s because I’m a sucker for flowers. I’m also a sucker for that garter and kind of wish they were a normal thing to wear because I might just buy it. Tell us… did you or do you plan on honouring this tradition on your wedding?

DIY Woodburned Name Hangers

DIY Woodburned Name Hangers- the perfect gift for a bride!

Happy Easter! We hope you enjoyed a weekend with family and friends. Today we’re bringing you a super simple DIY that is the perfect companion for your (or your bestie’s) wedding! I’m sure you’ve spotted customized hangers before… you know, those ones with the wire twisted to spell a name? If That’s not your style- or if you’d like a DIY alternative, we’ve got you covered!

DIY Woodburned Name Hangers- the perfect gift for a bride!

DIY Woodburned Name Hangers- the perfect gift for a bride!

These woodburned name hangers would make a perfect gift for a bride to be… or for all the bridesmaids. Better yet, they’ll look fabulous in photos of you all getting ready- and the boys will be able to tell who’s suit is who’s. They’re pretty simple to DIY, ready for the instructions?

DIY Woodburned Name Hangers- the perfect gift for a bride!

DIY Woodburned Name Hangers- the perfect gift for a bride!

You’ll need to get your hands on some wooden hangers. These are available at most house ware stores- from Ikea, to Walmart, to the Dollar Store. These wood hangers have a glossy coat to protect the wood from damage (like a woodburner!). The first thing you’ll need to do is sand that off. I tested a few hangers with different levels of sanding so I can vouch for how important this step is! Not only will the final product look SO much better, it will be 100x (no exaggeration) easier to draw a smooth line once sanded. I used 120 grit sand paper.

DIY Woodburned Name Hangers- the perfect gift for a bride!

When your hanger is prepared, give it a wipe with a damp cloth to get rid of any sawdust. Heat up your woodburner to your full temperature. Woodburners are actually quite easy to use- and affordable. The one I used is from Walmart and was $13. Many different tips come with a standard woodburner- I tried out the calligraphy tip and the rounded tip for this one. The only one I would suggest you avoid completely is the chisel tip- it digs into the soft wood too easily. The calligraphy tip is great to do skinny lines, but the rounded tip is much easier for beginners to handle. I would start there. In the final photos, Bride is written with the calligraphy tip and Lauren is written with the rounded tip. To use a woodburner, you essentially turn it on and once it’s up to full heat use it as a pen. But it’s a hot pen- so watch where you’re touching! Another tip is to go slow! You will get a more even burn if you drag the pen along slowly as opposed to fast with lots of stops. Don’t press too hard or you’ll burn indents into your wood.

DIY Woodburned Name Hangers- the perfect gift for a bride!

DIY Woodburned Name Hangers- the perfect gift for a bride!

When you’re all done your burning, go ahead and add a couple clear coats to seal it. This will make sure your gorgeous dress doesn’t get any nasty pulls from the raw wood. I used a clear coat with a satin finish.

DIY Woodburned Name Hangers- the perfect gift for a bride!

DIY Woodburned Name Hangers- the perfect gift for a bride!

So, what do you think? Not as hard as it looks! Would you give a woodburner a shot? I’d love to hear in the comments!