Table Numbers Done Right

I’m going to go and get all opinionated on you today… okay?  I didn’t think you’d mind. Let’s talk about table numbers… specifically table numbers that don’t make you yawn. I’m SO tired of seeing gorgeous weddings that forget the table numbers, so right next to a spectacular centrepiece, inches away from a perfect place setting sits those generic silver stands with a bright white table number card. Or maybe there’s a custom card, but with that awful, awful stand. It takes the whole level of perfection and knocks it down to ‘pretty’ at best. So if you care about my emotional needs, please consider an alternative! Here’s 7 fantastic options to get you started.

Table numbers done right- perfect for events or weddings

Left to right/ top to bottom

ONE: How lovely is this marbled script number? All kinds of lovely, that’s how. I love the texture the marbling adds and it fits so perfectly with the floral arrangement it doesn’t take away at all.

TWO: This DIY chalkboard dipped vase is the perfect alternative to a traditional table number. Better yet? It costs only dollars.

THREE: Oh, my, my. I really am digging this wooden table number. It’s such a fresh take on table numbers. Know anyone handy with a jigsaw?

FOUR: And this numbered stone? *sigh* It’s just so good! You could DIY it with a vinyl cutter to save on custom orders.

FIVE: Okay, okay, so this one is using the stand that I’m protesting. But I wanted to include a super custom and low cost option for you. Engagement photos printed as polaroids with a number laid over top. Simple, right?

SIX: Recognize these table number guest books from last week? You can snag the free printable and have guests leave you a sweet note right from their seats… while avoiding a table number heart attack for everyone who feels like me.

SEVEN: Hand lettering at it’s finest! We love this watercolour and gold leafed table number. The bright colours could be suited to match any decor. Plus… they skipped the awkward stand and placed the card right on the table.

Am I the only person that has strong feelings about table numbers? What’s your favourite way to see tables numbered? Are you a fan of those banquet hall numbers (please say no!)?