Something Series (and some Freebies!)

So we’re all about the series right now! Last week we started our Feature Friday series which will be every friday- and today we’re starting a mini series- the Somethings. Guesses? Yep, we’re breaking down the ‘Something old, Something new’ tradition and giving you ideas on how to make the most of the sweet tradition- and what the heck it means! We’ll be running this one just once a month- today we’re talking about the tradition and next month we’ll start with something old. You know that’s our favourite! Plus, we have two free printables of the quote for ya.

Something Old free Printable

First, let’s talk about the tradition… shall we? The saying was from 1883, it was an olde English rhyme. The tradition goes that brides should wear or carry with them these tokens of love or good luck on their big day. We all know the first part… but there’s an extra little bit you might not have heard…

Something Old Free Printable

A sixpence!? That’s often gets dropped off the saying- but hey, if you’re going for it! Here’s what they all represent:

Something Old: represents family, past, tradition and continuity

Something New: represents optimism for the future, and new life

Something Borrowed: represents borrowed happiness- this is traditionally something borrowed from another happy bride

Something Blue: represents purity, love, and fidelity

Sixpence in her Shoe: represents prosperity and wealth

Since the sixpence is the one element of the saying we will be skipping over in this series, here’s a bit more history on it. A sixpence is an antique coin that was use as common currency when the tradition began. Although they’re not being used today, you can still purchase them online or from some antique stores. We’re not big on following all rules to the letter though, so for good luck we think you could get away with a penny in your shoe. It’s soon to be vintage as well!

Hope you enjoy the printables- just click on the image to open the PDF of each. They should print off as a standard sheet. We’d love to get your input on this series- did you or someone you know rock this tradition at their wedding? What did you/they gather as your items? We’d love to hear!