Pretty Notebooks

I’ve recently had a very freeing experience. I didn’t go skydiving or bungee jumping – but I still think it’s pretty adventurous. I decided to start using my pretty notebooks!

This was a big step for me! See, I love pretty notebooks. But my problem was that I would just collect these notebooks and never actually use them. And if I did use one, writing the first word took at least 5 minutes of living in fear that I would make a mistake and then have to make scratch marks in my pretty virgin notebook. In my head it was a lose-lose. So I just collected and admired them, dreaming of one day writing in them instead of the dollar store one I deemed appropriate for pen marks.

But no more! I decided to go for it. And this isn’t just notebooks I’ve been so careless with. I’m also burning expensive candles and using delicious smelling soap.

I’m on a roll! Next thing you know I’ll be skydiving.

To my fellow notebook horders, I encourage you to scribble all over the first page. There is a 50% chance you won’t regret it!