Photo Displays We Love as Wedding Decor

Weddings are a sentimental event- there’s no way around it. If you’re one for sentiment, displaying photos at your celebration is a great way to involve your guests in your love story. Whether you display photos from your childhoods, your love story, loved ones that are unable to make the day, of past family weddings, or photos of your guests- there’s no shortage of ways that you can display them. Here’s some of our favourites!

wedding photo displays we love

Left to Right / Top to Bottom:

ONE: Who doesn’t love a good DIY? This floral photo hoop is a gorgeous way to display photos for your wedding. We love that it could hang virtually anywhere- trees, walls, ceilings… you name it!

TWO: We’d be remiss to skip over the clothespinned photo wall that we’ve all seen. It’s just such a good option!

THREE: Have you seen this one on Pinterest? We’re totally smitten with it! A table runner made out of black and white photos. So stunning, so DIY.

FOUR: Okay, so the sweetest idea we’ve heard? having guests return a wedding photo of theirs with their RSVP. Then displaying them at your reception. What a lovely way to include your loved ones in your big day!

FIVE: On a ladder! We love this eclectic mix of framed photos on a vintage ladder. And you know how much we love vintage ladders 😉

SIX: A family tree! Literally. We’ve spotted family photo trees at so many weddings and we can see why they’re so popular… they’re crazy fun and darling to look at.

SEVEN: Hang aged photos from branches or decorative trees as centrepieces or as a stand alone display.

EIGHT: Another DIY option- this balloon photo chandelier is a fun one to have hanging in a cocktail area. We love the idea of having guest’s photos on one side with their table number on the reverse.

NINE: Last but most certainly not least (I mean, just look at it!), is this vintage display of family wedding photos. We just can’t get enough of this.


So tell us, what’s your fave? We love that last one because of the heritage (and that dresser!) but really, the DIYs are so fun too…