Palentine’s Confetti Placemat DIY

Monday’s can always use a little more confetti right? All of us at Bespoke LOVE how fun confetti is but are not so happy when we’re still finding it three weeks later (Who’s with us??). We saw a beautiful table set up on Pinterest with confetti place mats and decided to make our own! In a few simple steps you’ll be able to enjoy the amazingness that is confetti and not have to worry about it getting everywhere!

What does Palentine’s mean? If you don’t have a valentine, that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate this lovely occasion get together with your pals and do something fun! As you all know February 14th is right around the corner and what better excuse to pull your favourites together and create this quick & easy last minute DIY. Such a fun way to elevate a tablescape for holidays (or everyday, if you’re like us). Check out all the details below.

A bohemian inspired Valentines/Palentines tablescape

Supplies needed: 

We made 3 place mats with the following supplies. (You’ll need to adjust the quantities depending on the number of placemats you plan on making)

  • 1 meter of 6 gauge vinyl (this made us three 13″x18″ place mats)
  • Sewing machine & white thread
  • Teflon presser foot
  • Confetti and or glitter
  • Scissors
Supplies needed to make the placemats

The process is really straight forward and you’ll be able to make these in a few simple steps. First, cut your vinyl into a placemat size (about 13″ by 18″). You will need two pieces for each placemat.

Hot tip: Cut one piece and then use the paper liner as the template, the process goes much faster.

Step 1: cut out your vinyl

After you’ve cut out your vinyl place them together without the liner.Then place your teflon presser foot on your sewing machine and sew the two pieces of vinyl together around the outer edge while leaving a gap about the size of the presser foot on one side.

Step two: Sew vinyl together, leaving one side open.

Once sewn, add confetti to the opening between the two layers of vinyl and then finish stitching the placemat closed. You’ll find that you will probably want to take a few Boomerangs at this point! It’s so fun.

Step three: fill with confetti or glitter into the open side of the place mat. Use a little more than you think you’ll need to get that fullness and sparkly effect.


Step Four: Sew the remaining opening and trim all excess threads.

And there you have it, quick and easy! If you make these please feel free to tag #bespokedecorDIYs so we can see what you create!

The finished product.
Detail Shot
Detail Shot
Tablescape Detail Shot
The Perfect Pals for Palentine’s

If you have any questions or are just in LOVE with these, leave us a reply below!