Letter all the things!

This is the longest image collage we’ve ever done here. But we just couldn’t narrow it down! Why? Because we really do love to letter ALL THE THINGS. And what makes this collection really special is that we were involved in most of them. Clearly, we feel passionately about calligraphy at weddings! We’ve put together this collection so that when you’re dreaming of signs an incorporating the calligraphy trend into your big day, you’ll think of more than just chalkboards (although we love them too!).

letter all the things- so many options for calligraphy at weddings!


ONE: We’ve got this chest in there twice. We love how simple this painted white metal chest looks with wedding details on it! And how special to have it topped with photos of loved ones?

TWO: Mirrors are kind of the new chalkboard. In fact, we wrote a whole post about it. But I really, really love them gathered together for a high impact seating chart.

THREE: So we haven’t personally tried this yet… but calligraphed cake!? Are there two things I love more?

FOUR: Go big or go home! This giant backdrop is one of my favourite installations to date. It is SO big and SO dreamy.

FIVE: Maybe you want a sign, but you want it bigger and better… we do that too. In fact it’s one of our favourites. Lettering just looks SO good on wood tones!

SIX: You know we’re an advocate for games at weddings… but how about this custom frisbee? Umm- amazing!?

SEVEN: Yep, here’s that chest again! I just love it so much I couldn’t not include it twice.

EIGHT: Let me start by saying, lettering on an uneven, curved surface is HARD. But isn’t it worth it? Look at how dreamy this wedding barrel signage is!?

NINE: Little details like this lettered dress hanger make for wonderful keepsakes and photographs. The best part? This is a DIY you can totally do yourself. 

TEN: We love vintage picnic baskets… and we especially love them when they’re lettered with sweet quotes.

ELEVEN: We made some cute little moss placemats for this St. Patrick’s Day dinner party and the lovely Pommel Co. lettered these napkin transfers. Isn’t that a genius idea?

TWELVE: This is perhaps the prettiest way we’ve seen to tell guests what they’re drinking.

THIRTEEN: We couldn’t let this whole post go by without saying, we really DO love chalkboards still. Like… we love them a LOT.

FOURTEEN: This ceremony decor is one of my favourite we’ve created. And hello, photo opp!

FIFTEEN: Just like chalkboards, we letter a lot of glass. And it’s no wonder- it’s so darn dreamy! Displaying it either against wood or foliage is our favourite ways to see it.


We could really go on forever. What’s your favourite? I’m smitten with the glass sign in foliage at the moment. But come back and I’m sure I’ll be crushing on the picnic basket or something 😉