Event Lead Designer (Event Designer/Decorator)

POSITION: Event Lead Designer (Event Designer/Decorator)

WORK SCHEDULE: The schedule itself is always changing and flexibility is required. Some weeks will consist of standard M-F hours, but others will have weekend shifts (especially in the summer months). The schedule for a Bespoke Lead Designer is largely determined by event dates and deadlines. 

As a designer, you’ll be expected to spend most time in the Bespoke office during office hours, and be onsite during weekends and evenings as required to execute your events, activations or displays. 

RATES OF PAY: $50,000 – $55,000

The position of designer is a very hands on, creative and often demanding role. You will be meeting with clients (ranging from weddings to large corporations) to hear their event vision, goals and expectations, selling Bespoke services, and then turning initial thoughts into fully custom designed events and displays. 

This role requires a strong administrative and creative balance. Your time will be spent working with clients, the Bespoke warehouse team and our team support crew to prepare for event execution. You need to have a strong creative sense, the ability to juggle multiple tasks, and create detailed plans, timelines and staffing/operation procedures. On event days, you’ll be required to lead a team, and problem solve on the fly.

Design wise, you will need to be able to appeal to multiple styles of events and aesthetics to keep up with client requirements. Experience in the event or interior design world is an asset and will be a large factor in the hiring decision.


  • Design events, displays, holiday activations and more in a range of styles and scale  
  • Conduct consultations and sell Bespoke services 
  • Meet with clients at Bespoke Decor and various locations for site visits, planning meetings, finalization meetings, etc.
  • Handling and organizing custom design plans for weddings, events, holiday, corporate displays, etc. 
  • Managing emails and phone calls on a very timely basis
  • Work on site for the duration of event days or activations leading a small team and executing comprehensive plans
  • Efficiently communicate with clients and vendors as required
  • Efficiently communicating with entire Bespoke Decor team for deadlines (ex: custom builds, calligraphy, etc)
  • Operating as team support to fellow lead designers when needed
  • Administration work as required
  • Projects as assigned


  • Kindness
  • A creative design sense and strong sense of aesthetics
  • Experience in the event and interior design world an asset
  • Experience with Google Drive will be considered an asset
  • Experience with Asana will be considered an asset 
  • Legendary customer service skills
  • Extremely organized (we really mean this one – highly important skill)
  • Punctual & reliable
  • Must be able to think on the spot and problem solve under pressure
  • Flexible & adaptable to change
  • Ability to self start and work independently
  • Ability to positively lead a small team
  • Ability to lift at least 50 pounds
  • Ability to work a flexible schedule as events demand

The Extra Details:

  • Must have reliable transportation to travel between Hope & Whistler
  • Must be available to work weekends & late nights as needed
  • Experience in the events industry is an asset 
  • Experience with corporate clients is an asset 


  • We provide a kind, positive and fun-filled (and often times dog-filled) work & team oriented environment. 
  • During the busy season, based on your schedule, you will be onsite during most weekends, however we ensure that you still are capable of that work-life balance by incorporating a flex schedule and generous number of vacation days per year. 
  • Additionally, we want to ensure you are well cared for by providing an annual credit that goes towards your choice of wellness and/or professional development. 
  • Team bonding is something that we encourage. With this, the design department will meet outside of the office to find inspiration and activities to spark and spruce creativity. 
  • You also get free unlimited inventory rentals for any upcoming celebrations.
  •  If you’re finding that you want to explore other areas in the company, we have opportunities for cross training, where you can gain knowledge on how another department works. We are looking for someone who adapts and wants to grow with us, whether that’s wanting to explore more within the design department or grow in other areas and avenues in the company.

ADVANCEMENT OPPORTUNITIES: We are a quickly growing company that is always evolving! Within your position as Lead Designer, if you are keen, you’ll have the opportunity to mentor under a Senior Lead Designer to learn the ropes.

If you have interest in becoming a Senior Lead Designer, we’ll be sure to put you on the right path. Want an idea of what a Senior Lead Designer may do? They are in charge of design pods, managing and mentoring all members of the Bespoke design department. They oversee all designs for quality, aesthetic and functionality. 

We strongly believe in the right people finding their right roles and we’ll help you advance your career within Bespoke.


  • Must have reliable transportation to travel between Hope & Whistler
  • Must be available to work weekends & late nights as needed
  • Experience in the events industry is an asset 
  • Experience with corporate clients is an asset


We are Bespoke Decor, Habitat and Calikko!

Bespoke Decor is a growing design and rental company based in Burnaby.  We design and serve hundreds of events ranging from weddings to corporate gatherings and film productions. 

Secondly, Habitat Staging is one of our sister companies established in September of 2020. Habitat provides design and staging services for homes. Our services are provided throughout the lower mainland from a small condo to a large home.

Lastly, Calikko is our 2nd sister retail company and was established in March of 2021. Calikko provides home goods and essentials that you can purchase. 


Please send a quick video* introducing yourself! Show us your individual style and what makes you passionate about design. Don’t stress about the video – it doesn’t have to be high quality or super original! Seeing you and your personality and individual style is the goal. 

What is your favorite design style? What is your favorite home store? Do you seek the thrill of pulling off the impossible? 

Say hey! Please send an email to our People & Culture Coordinator, Lois via jobs@bespokedecor.ca to introduce yourself and any details you think we should know. We take our hiring seriously and want to find someone who will find happiness here! 

No phone calls or drop-ins please. Only shortlisted candidates will be called.

*okay, okay! If the idea of a video gives you the sweats – you can simply send an email. But please take time to introduce yourself as best as possible!