Icy Blue Wedding Inspiration

I know, I know- enough with the winter already, it hasn’t even begun. Okay- how about we call this one foggy blue wedding inspiration? Or even pastel blue wedding inspiration? That would make it suitable for spring even! It’s just as gorgeous no matter what you call it. I’ve always loved this ice blue colour, but have never been head over heels with all the crystal bedazzling that seems to come along with it. Today we’re rounding up some inspiration for a less ice princess more breathtaking icy blue wedding.

Icy Blue Wedding Inspiration

Left to Right, Top to Bottom:

ONE: These invitations are so simple, calligraphy on fine paper, but the subtle colour and tie makes them stunners.

TWO: Someone has worked some mega cake-magic with this number here. The ruffles on the bottom, intricate detail on the layers and then… those florals! Perfection. Also, this whole shoot makes me want fog for every wedding ever.

THREE: Grey suit, icy blue bowtie? Yes please! And that cap is just adorable for a winter wedding. #justsaying

FOUR: Maybe you won’t take on a blue gown for your big day, but how about icy blue shoes? Get your something blue in there, feel like Elvis, and walk away with shoes this gorgeous? It’s win/win/win.

FIVE: I’m all about the icy blue in this mood board- but love the contrast the anemones bring! And the thistle? It’s just all floral good.

SIX: *Sigh* I know that this is a bridesmaid dress, but it’s so stunning, I’d take it for a wedding gown. The delicate details and soft colour make me all sorts of dreamy.

SEVEN: If you’re lucky enough to have a dazzling gem like this– why wouldn’t you base your whole wedding around it? Talk about a showpiece!

EIGHT: I love how this darker hue of ice blue anchors a white and bright tablescape for a winter wedding. It pairs so perfectly with the dark centres from the anemones.


What’s your fave from the mix? I’m in mad love with that dress. But that cake gets a vote from me too. I’d love to hear what you think of this palette or if you have any requests for future colour boards!