Gray Weddings that are Anything but Dull

We’re all about adding a healthy dose of colour to events when it’s called for, but these gray weddings show that you don’t need colour for a gorgeous wedding, bursting with personality. Maybe it’s the rainy weather, but we’re sure loving this gray wedding inspiration!

Gray Weddings that are Anything but Dull

Left to Right/ Top to Bottom:

ONE: I have to say… I’ve been swooning over this image (and the whole wedding!) since the moment I saw it… and that was months ago, friends! That textured gray runner with all the wild greens and candles… it’s total perfection.

TWO: This is one stunning cake. I love the ombre appeal with the dark florals and gold detail. It’s just so good!

THREE: We love a great grey suit. These groomsmen certainly have style- even without a dash of colour! Choose suits with texture or detail like the stitching in this suit.

FOUR: Hand lettering is all the personality these simple invitations need. Sometimes less is more, right?

FIVE: Don’t these bridesmaids look incredibly classy? I’m a sucker for a floor length bridesmaid dress and these soft grey numbers are perfect.

SIX: These stunning boutonnieres are from a french industrial wedding (what about that doesn’t sound good?) and I love how the dark berries bring contrast to a typically colourless bundle of blooms.

SEVEN: These simple place settings are beautiful in their simplicity. I love the muted greens tied to a lettered menu.


I might have given away my favourite when I said I was swooning over it for months now… but yep, number one has my heart! Although I have to say… the floral bouttonnieres in number six are holding their own! What’s your favourite pick?