Free Printable Bridal Shower Recipe Cards

One of my favourite traditions for bridal showers is for guests to bring one of their favourite recipes to gift to the new bride. I know that Pinterest is the new recipe book (and I love it!) but there’s something so special of recipes passed down along family and friends. By asking guests to bring just one, you know you’re getting a tried and true favourite, and hey- who says you can’t request that chicken dish of Aunty Ann’s that you look forward to year round!

Free Printable Recipe Cards in Blue, Pink, Yellow or Black! Perfect for a bridal shower

There’s a certain charm about everyone bringing a recipe card from their collection but with less of us stocking recipe cards in our cupboards, it’s nice to provide guests a card for them to bring along. Send these out with the invitation and the bride-to-be will have a beautiful recipe collection. We’ve created the recipe cards in both these blue and pink colours, but also in a golden yellow and simple black and white. All the colour versions have a watercolour texture up close.

Just click the colour you would like, download the PDF and print on card stock paper! The PDF has 2 recipe cards per sheet, sized at a standard 4×6 recipe card size.


So tell us, do you have any pre-wedding traditions that you adore? I’d love to hear them!