Feature Friday: Wood Rounds at Weddings

I know you’ve seen these before, maybe you’ve spotted them on Pinterest or maybe you’ve been lucky enough to attend a wedding where they were used as decor. There’s a reason they’re so popular… there’s SO many ways to use them and all of them are wonderful! Here’s some of our favourite ways to use wood rounds. PS. Did I mention we rent these out?

Our favourite ways to use wood rounds at weddings

ONE: I really love everything about this photo, it’s gorgeous. But let’s talk about wood rounds and desserts. Were they just made for eachother or what? I love when a dessert bar features lovely cakes and pies and cupcakes on wooden rounds stacked at different heights. Made. For. Each. Other.

TWO: Give centrepieces a little something extra by adding not just one or two, but three (or more!) wood rounds to elevate and spread a centrepiece. I also just have to point out that those are brussel sprouts in the florals. Seriously, and it’s amazing. You should check out all the arrangements from this wedding to see what veggies are hiding in them!

THREE: Hello gorgeous chargers! I’ve set an intimate dinner party with wood rounds as chargers before and it was the favourite table setting I’ve ever created. This winter wedding hits all the right marks with their table!

FOUR: The wonderful thing about wood rounds is that they’re kind of enough on their own. This simple centrepiece takes just a wood round, doily, vintage jar and single bloom to look all sorts of beautiful.

FIVE: Stack them and stack them some more! There’s some things that just need some height. Like a drink pitcher, isn’t this perfect?