Feature Friday: Vintage Wash Basins

We love using vintage wash basins to decorate for weddings. We have such a variety of shapes and sizes (you can check them all out here) so we can use them for pretty much… anything! I’m sure you’ve spotted them used as ice buckets to display drinks. And maybe even as ice buckets to display mason jars of pre-scooped ice cream! But here’s the five ways we see them used the most (and we love them all!).

vintage wash basins at weddings

Left to Right, Top to Bottom:

ONE: Hello charming cake stand! Turn a wash basin upside down for the perfectly rustic cake stand.

TWO: You know we will never ever say no to buckets and buckets of flowers (literally!). Baby’s breath is an affordable option for large quantities.

THREE: To corral food items. We love how this one was used for bottled oils and vinegars but have spotted them used on popcorn bars and ice cream stations as well (to name a few!).

FOUR: Sparklers! But not just sparklers- for favours or programs of any kind. Wash basins are just so handy to display things that you want to have available for guests to grab as they pass by.

FIVE: You knew it- for drinks! We couldn’t skip over this one because it it SO popular- and for good reason. We love how vintage wash basins hold all those drinks for guests without getting warm. And without camping coolers… and without dedicating someone to serve them all!


What do you think of vintage wash basins? They’re not just shabby chic or farmhouse style any more! We’d love to hear the best way you’ve spotted them used at events.