Feature Friday: Vintage Typewriters

Vintage Typewriters at weddings- they were made for eachother

How have I not posted about vintage typewriters yet? Really, right!? We have four of them plus a vintage cash register (which kind of counts). There are so many reasons to love them, but what I like most about them is how versatile they are. They can be so incredibly classy, they can be vintage cute or eclectic, and they can be steampunk. Whether you use them as a centrepiece, covered in flowers, or one of these creative ways- you really can’t go wrong!

ONE: You know I had to throw one in of a typewriter filled with florals. It’s my favourite way to see them used, but these others give it a run for it’s money!

TWO: How stunning is this guest book setup!? I love the notes of love clipped up as a wall behind a gorgeous vintage typewriter.

THREE: This shabby chic wedding features a typewriter as welcome signage- I love that it get’s the spotlight right at the entrance!

FOUR: This vignette has everything good about vintage. It’s so dark and moody and that garden backdrop? I love every bit of it.

FIVE: Hello, amazing seating chart! Can I just point out the perfect use of a vintage door to hold this list in place? It’s all just so good.

I’d love to hear what your favourite is! Although my favourite use for a typewriter is filled with gorgeous blooms, I can’t get over the vignette in number four. So that has to take the cake for me today.

If you have an item you’d like to learn more about and be inspired with unique ways to use- let me know in the comments! We’ll make it happen for you.