Feature Friday: Vintage Scales

Some pieces have so much charm wrapped up in themselves that they really don’t need to be paired with anything fancy. That’s how I feel about vintage weigh scales. I mean, I’ve managed to start collecting them without realizing and if I see more- you can bet they’ll be coming back with me to the warehouse. They add height to any table display, interest to any centrepiece, and give a unique platform to display favours, snacks, and florals. ‘Nuff said? How about some eye candy!

Vintage scales as wedding decor

Left to right / Top to Bottom:

ONE: This whole fall wedding shoot is so much fun, I love the rich colours. A weigh scale is the perfect way to show off some of your favours (especially when they come from the kitchen like this sweet apple butter!) and decorate the favour table without adding clutter.

TWO: Oh, vintage books. They’ve done it again in this shabby vintage centrepiece. Do I really need to say any more about this? Books and a scale. Period.

THREE: It really could not get any simpler than this. I’m a sucker for a mint green scale and this little number with tiny monogram letters? It’s personal and basic in all the right ways.

FOUR: Again with the simple… but it makes such a statement! This table features four vintage weigh scales– one with fresh fruit. Sure, you could keep adding things… but why when it’s this cute?

FIVE: These deep fall florals and quail feathers are a dynamite combination. I really need those succulents in my life… but I’ll digress and let you know that florals were made for weigh scales. If you’re looking for a classic vase alternative? Yep, these fit the bill.

SIX: Isn’t this the classic vintage centrepiece I get asked for all the time? Oh yes, yes it is! A weigh scale adds a fun twist to the popular bottles and jars filled with blooms.


Alright… let’s talk favourites? I’m  probably not going to surprise you… I mean, I did make it the largest of all the photos- but there’s something simply perfect about the apple butter on that scale. It really fits the theme (I love food favours!) and doesn’t add anything it doesn’t need to, trying to be extra pretty. What’s your fave? Let us know in the comments!