Feature Friday: Vintage Picnic Baskets

Vintage Picnic Baskets for Wedding Decor

You know what we haven’t talked about here, and really really should? Vintage picnic baskets. They have all kinds of charm with a low-key, intimate feel and they’re so often forgotten about. We have a bunch (because really, how could we say no to them calling our name) that haven’t gotten nearly the screen time as all our crates or suitcases. Well, it’s time my friends. Just look at this gorgeous photo from Em the Gem... it’s chic, intimate and crazy classy. So you see how wonderful they are but don’t know how to use them for yourself? Here’s some of our favourite ideas:

ONE: For a picnic photo shoot. Scrap the awkward engagement/ family/ newborn photos and kick back with some treats. How can you not smile on a picnic? Your photographer will thank you for relaxing.

TWO: Stacked like the photo above to create a sweet sitting area at your wedding. You could even skip the chairs and just have blankets spread with baskets full of snacks to keep guests happy between the ceremony and reception.

THREE: Filled with favours, dancing sandals, programs, blankets to keep warm, or anything else you want to hand out to guests. Everything looks cuter in a picnic basket.

FOUR: To collect cards.

FIVE: Maybe my favourite- fill one or two with picnic goodies to enjoy with your wedding party after the ceremony. Everyone needs a little snack before smiling for all those photos! Plus, when your snacks look this good… your photographer can snap some candids as you enjoy.

So tell us- do you love the vintage picnic basket as much as we do? How would you use them?