Feature Friday: Vintage Mantles

We love vintage mantles as wedding decor… and we’re pretty sure you will too after you check out all this gorgeous inspiration! I know they’re kind of a crazy thing to up and buy, but seriously- they look so vintage-amazing, so we couldn’t help ourselves. And now that we’re seeing them pop up in more and more stunning weddings, we’re so glad we did. Whether you use them as a ceremony backdrop, head table backdrop, to cozy up a sitting area, display heaps of flowers, display seating charts or photos… it’s all so very good.

Why we Love Vintage Mantles as Wedding Decor

ONE: This woodland wedding is so dreamy! We’ve been seeing mantes popping up in more and more wedding seating areas and we really can’t fault it, they were meant for each other! In our round up of wedding seating areas– we even included two with mantles.

TWO: We love an industrial-chic wedding and this one, held in a glass factory is no different. I really wanted to find a photo that showed a mantle being used indoors- it doesn’t have to be saved for outside! They used theirs to gift favours and display a seating chart, but we’ve spotted them with chalkboard ‘fires’ and candles- they’re equally as beautiful!

THREE: Before we even get to the mantle… how romantic are these colours for a fall wedding? Perfect. We love that this bride incorporated greenery with select florals and candles to fill out the display without a huge expense.

FOUR: *Sigh* It’s so stunning, isn’t it? This is the backdrop for a ceremony, and I love that they used everything homey (rug, wreath, mantle and candles) to make the outdoor wedding feel intimate.

FIVE:  This bride displayed photos of loved ones who had passed away on a vintage mantle at this vineyard wedding. Anything that doesn’t need a whole big table would look lovely displayed on a mantle, really.


So, spill! What’s your favourite? I’m smitten with the left side of this collage, but that glass factory wedding has such incredible details, so you should probably check it out too!