Feature Friday: Vintage Mailboxes at Weddings

There are some things that are so cute just by themselves that you so badly want to include them in every. thing. you. do. But sometimes it’s hard to know how to use them! One of those things for me is the vintage mailbox (we have two!). They are adorable! I wish we still had mailboxes at the ends of our driveways instead of at our door because it would make our streets look so much cuter. But since that’s not going to happen, you should totally include them in your wedding! Here’s some ideas to help make it happen:

Our favourite ways to use vintage mailboxes at weddings

Left to Right:

ONE: We love using mailboxes for guest books. Use a pack of post cards for guests to write a sweet message on and collect them to read through later or have them mailed to you (put that best man to work!) over the next year for happy mail every month.

TWO: Mailboxes are meant for happy mail! Why not use one to collect all the cards from guests?

THREE: They’re so darn cute you really don’t need them to be useful. Call them decor, because that’s what they really are. Fill them with flowers to up the pretty!

FOUR: (not pictured) Have little favours you’re giving to guests? Why not serve them up in a vintage mailbox? I’m thinking seed packets, matchbooks, art prints, whatever as long as it fits!

There’s our favourite four ideas for vintage mailboxes at weddings… have any awesome ideas that we missed? We’d love for you to share in the comments!