Feature Friday: Vintage Lace Doilies

There are some things that are so distinctly vintage- lace doilies are one of them! We have been collecting beautifully unique doilies since starting Bespoke and now we have more than 30 gorgeous ones available for rent. Today we thought we’d feature how the pretty little things can be used to add vintage charm to any wedding. And NO they do not just need to sit beneath a crystal vase with a fake rose on a cherry end table at your grandmothers (although that’s how we first remember them too!).

Awesome ideas to use vintage lace doilies at weddings!

ONE: If you’re having a smaller wedding, how beautiful do lace doilies look used as chargers? I love that each of them is slightly different- what a unique and simple table scape!

TWO: So this one isn’t a wedding… it’s actually a baby shower (the prettiest one I ever did see!). I love that they grouped together a few doilies and different layers of floral arrangements instead of a single one for the centrepieces! Such an incredible impact for simple elements.

THREE: This simple centrepiece is both lovely and cost effective. One doily and a flower in a vintage bud vase… did we mention it’s lovely?

FOUR: Ohmymy! I’m a little smitten with this doily backdrop made with wooden embroidery hoops! The great thing about this backdrop is it doesn’t damage the doilies so you can separate them from the hoops and use the hoops again in the future!

FIVE: Doilies layered over a small wooden crate add some visual height to a simple centrepiece at this rustic wedding.

SIX: If you have a large beautiful doily, why not show it off? We love how this glamorous outdoor wedding draped over over chests to pretty up a rustic display.

SEVEN: Last but most definitely not least… this pie bar (what!? someone get me one of these STAT!) uses wood rounds and lace doilies to display every flavour of pie you can imagine! Way to dress up a standard cake stand too!

So, dish! Do you have memories of lace doilies? And which of these is your fave? I’m a tie between the embroidery hoop backdrop and using them as chargers!