Feature Friday: Vintage Dressers at Weddings

we love vintage dressers at weddings

Can you believe we’ve never dedicated a feature friday to our love for vintage dressers? I know, us either. So here is five images that make us love them just a little bit more. Plus… five ideas of how you could incorporate them into your big day. But really- any way is a good way… I don’t think you can go wrong with a gorgeous dresser. Fill it with favours, top it with programs, or a guest book… it’s all just so good.

Left to Right / Top to Bottom:

ONE: Can you think of a better looking bar? No? We can’t either. We love how this dresser is the face of a well stocked intimate bar (with a view!).

TWO: A vintage dresser filled with collected dinnerware for a rustic buffet… what about this isn’t good? I’d also kind of like to take the floor boards from their venue home with me.

THREE: Cards and guest book… all in one! Have guests fill the drawers with all their cards and use the top of the dresser (the perfect height for writing!) to write loving notes in your guest book.

FOUR: Cake tables and dessert tables are the number one way we’ve seen dressers used (it’s how ours get the most use!). We especially love that this display filled a drawer with fresh florals.

FIVE: You know we love family photos at weddings. This display is the perfect use of a beautiful wooden dresser. We wouldn’t complain if you scrapped the slideshow and filled a dressers with photos of the bride and groom growing up as well!


Tell us, are you as in love with vintage dressers as we are? What’s your favourite way to use them in weddings and events? How about in your home?