Feature Friday: Vintage Chandeliers

Somehow I’ve failed to share my love for vintage chandeliers here on the blog. How!? They’re so beautiful! Either way, it’s time to correct that. Today I’m sharing 5 reasons you need to consider a vintage chandelier for your next wedding or event. I’m not even going to show you a zillion pictures of chandeliers… because we already know how gorgeous they are. I’m just going to tell you why you can’t possibly go without one. Deal?

5 Reasons you need a vintage chandelier at your next wedding or event

ONE: There is nothing more romantic and luxurious than a chandelier lit ceremony. If you want your guests to swoon, this will help you get the job done.

TWO: No one looks good under fluorescent lighting. Not even after hours of hair and makeup.

THREE: Vintage chandeliers look stunning in photographs. Have you ever seen a photo of a couple dancing under a chandelier you didn’t like? Nope, we haven’t either.

FOUR: They can make any outdoor space feel cozy and intimate. Oh yeah, they’re not just for indoors. Hang one from an arbour, tree, or tent and you have an instantly more intimate space.

FIVE: Vintage chandeliers have the ability to draw attention to the things that deserve it the most. Whether it’s over your vows, your head table seating, the first dance, your cake cutting or whatever else… I dare you not to look with adoration at whatever is happening under a beautiful chandelier.