Feature Friday: Vintage Apple Baskets at Weddings

Since I’m on a bit of a fall wedding kick, I thought it was appropriate to share a round up of our favourite ways to use vintage apple baskets at weddings! Vintage apple baskets work awesome for summer weddings too (hello summer, peach!) but they’re so darling for fall and winter weddings, filled with florals, apples, or even pinecones. Here’s some images to get you inspired to incorporate them in your next event.

why we love vintage apple baskets as wedding decor

ONE:  Our number one favourite way to use apple baskets? By filling them with flowers! Whether as a centrepiece or down the aisle- buckets of flowers is never a bad thing.

TWO: Buckets of apples can be a great snack or decor for guests.

THREE: One of our favourite things- a popcorn bar! You could fill vintage apple baskets with popcorn, chips, candies, or whatever you like for a casual cocktail hour snack.

FOUR: Tip them upside down to make a simple cake or pie stand– they pair so perfectly with rustic pies!

FIVE: In season fresh fruit makes great favours for guests, plus- they’re darn pretty.

SIX: More buckets of fruit! But as centrepieces… and we love how they bulk up a centrepiece without adding huge costs for flowers.


If you’re having a more casual affair, we also love apple baskets full of picnic supplies for guests. And as welcome baskets for guests. Really, anything that you put in them- the vintage apple baskets themselves make it look good.