Feature Friday: Rose Vanity

6 Reasons to have a vintage vanity at your wedding

It’s Friday! That means it’s time for another Feature Friday, and today is a really awesome one. We totally love dressers and the like for weddings, but there’s something really special about a classic vanity. Our Rose Vanity (photo 1) is such a classic, it looks so lovely set up as an entry table at weddings, but that’s not all it could be used for. I’ve rounded up 6 sweet ideas to feature Rose at your next event.

ONE: Here Rose is being used as a sweet signing table. The mirror makes for such lovely photos of the signing moments! One of our favourite tricks to dress her up is to fill one of the top drawers with heaps of florals.

TWO: We’ve talked about skipping a slideshow and opting for displays of family photos before… and a vanity is such a classy way to do it! We love how this couple showcased photos of marriages from their heritage.

THREE: A tea bar! Seriously though, could we have one of these at every event we attend in the future? Thanks.

FOUR: We love a good sweets station! This vanity uses it’s drawers to hold treat bags for guests to fill. We’re especially loving the mini bunting across the mirror.

FIVE: Vanities are perfectly suited as drink stations like this shabby chic one. We even love using one of the top drawers for extra glasses.

SIX: Now this is a glamorous cake table if I ever did see one! The greenery and florals spilling out of the drawers and draped over the mirror kick it up a level.

BONUS: Since we were just chatting about the shift from chalkboard signs to glass signs… why not use the vanity mirror as a welcome sign? A love quote? A beverage station menu? The options are endless! And we know Rose would be flattered.

Tell us, what would you use a vanity for?