Feature Friday: Lawn Games

Best ever Lawn Games for Weddings

I am loving the warmer weather, and it’s getting me so excited for outdoor weddings! One of my favourite things for outdoor weddings is Lawn Games- seriously, it doesn’t get more fun than that! So in the spirit of warmer weather- today’s Feature Fridays is all about Lawn Games. We’re listing our favourite 15 lawn games to have at weddings or events. Since we love them so much, you know we have almost them all! If it’s purple- you can rent it, just click the link to see more!

  1. Jenga– But not the tiny little one- the BIG, awesome giant kind.
  2. Tic Tac Toe– You know we’re into the giant games, so of course- we have to suggest that (so much fun!) but we also have a smaller vintage version– because we love vintage too.
  3. Cornhole– This makes me dream of a southern wedding.
  4. Horsey Balls- The name is funny, but it’s the perfect relaxed lawn game to entertain guests.
  5. Bocce– A classic, and we have an adorably vintage set.  Best ever Lawn Games for Weddings
  6. Giant Connect Four– You heard me, and it’s as awesome as it sounds!
  7. Scrabble- Or Scoring Anagrams (Scrabble without a board), because this giant DIY version from Better Homes and Gardens is too much fun!
  8. Horseshoes– Another classic that we’ve found a vintage set for! Having horseshoes will make your grandpa happy, I promise.
  9. Tug of War– Don’t discount this schoolyard classic! It would be a fun challenge for guests, and a show for all those who opt out. If you want to be remembered for the funnest wedding- you probably need a Tug of War. Best ever Lawn Games for Weddings
  10. Croquet– Another classic, this game is perfect if you have a large space to spread out (who doesn’t love croquet?!). And, yes, we do have a vintage version!
  11. Twister- It’s probably not the best for all the ladies in dresses, but I’ll bet the kids would have a ball! We love how this mom created twister right on her grass!
  12. Ring Toss– Channel your inner carnival, you could even offer prizes for littles who score!Best ever Lawn Games for Weddings
  13. Dominos– This game will be a hit with adults and children alike. And a giant version of anything makes it about 100x more awesome.
  14. Bowling– There are sooo many ways you could set this up, but you know we love our vintage wooden set.
  15. Yahtzee- We love this giant DIY version from Nap-Time Creations!

Did we miss any lawn games that you love? We’d love to hear your creative ideas in the comments!

{Photo Credits: Dominos, Jenga & Connect Four- Karolina Turek, Croquet- Blush Wedding Photography}