Feature Friday: Lace Parasols

I know that it’s Friday and since it’s so gorgeous outside, you’ve got something wonderful planned for this weekend so I’ll keep it short and sweet today. As you’re baking in the summer sun think about baking while wearing a glamorous wedding dress. What? I know! Hot. Today’s Feature Friday is all about these beautiful lace parasols. We have 20 of them and we love nothing more than to see them put to good use on a hot hot day. Here’s some of our favourite ways they can make an appearance at weddings!

Why you NEED lace parasols at your summer wedding

ONE: This photo’s actually from our gallery (thank you Acken Studios for the beautiful image!). We love that the bride and all her bridesmaids had parasols to shield them from the sun for their sake, and because they make some gorgeous photos! We love seeing little flower girls walk down the aisle with them too!

TWO: Isn’t this beyond dreamy? I love the look of umbrellas hanging over a dance floor, but this one goes one step further and fills the lacy parasols with greenery. Stunning.

THREE: Offering parasols to guests upon arrival or on each seat is a great way to help guests stay cool at an outdoor ceremony. Plus,  look at how pretty this ceremony looks- guests are decorating it for you by holding lacy umbrellas! Raise your hand if you’ve ever been at a wedding where you wished these would have been offered to you! (we’ve all been there).

FOUR: Have a break between your ceremony and reception? Perhaps you have some fabulous lawn games for your guests to enjoy! Why not offer them some hydration and shade? This is one of the prettiest ways we’ve seen to do it!

And now? Well, I promised short and sweet- so go enjoy the sunshine!