Feature Friday: John Deere Flatbed

If you are a thrifter or vintage shopper, every once in a while there’s a piece you stumble upon that is so unique you just have to have it. That’s Johnny Deere here.  I know my way around vintage items and I haven’t seen anything like him, isn’t he darling? He’s a mini John Deere Flatbed Truck and he is perfect for your event… pinky swear! And I’m not just talking a country wedding- I’m talking birthday parties, barn dances, and everything in between. Here’s just some ideas of how to use a gem like Johnny.

Mini John Deere Flatbed... so cute for a buffet! Love the other ideas too.

1. As a buffet, like the photos in this post! Recognize these shots? They’re from our Kids at Weddings shoot. We love that Johnny is just the right size for little ones to help themselves!

2. A gift table. Since it’s lower, it would be so much easier to stack on and around. Plus, how cute is it that Johnny would be loaded up with all the love from your guests?!

3.  Kids Craft Table. Why not set up a little craft or activity station for the kiddos at your wedding or event? It’s the perfect size and even little boys would jump on crafting if it was on a John Deere Flatbed.

4. If you haven’t picked up on it… it’s the perfect height for kiddos. Set it with silverware and have the wee ones at your event seated at the flatbed!

5. If you have favours for your guests, why not display them on Johnny Deere!? They’d looks o lovely spread out along his flatbed and that table full of takeaways you were trying to figure out how to decorate? No need, Johnny looks great with or without decor (look at that rich wood!).

6. Last but not least, this would make a wonderful spot for treasured photos and family history. We love when brides and grooms display childhood photos in leu of a slideshow. Stack our wooden backdrop with photos pinned to it or large photo frames along Johnny and you’ll have a dynamite photo display!

Mini John Deere Flatbed... so cute for a buffet! Love the other ideas too.

So, let’s hear! What do you think of Johnny Deere? Are you as in love with him as I am?  I’d love to hear your brilliant ideas of ways we could use him in an event or wedding. And as always, if you have a request for a feature Friday collection item- please send me an email or leave a comment! I love to hear from you.