Feature Friday: Calligraphy Love

Happy Friday! Today’s Feature Friday is going to be a bit different- we’re doing it Instagram style! If you’re already following us on Instagram (woohoo!) you’ll know that we have an amazing in-house calligrapher. Like, ahhh-mazing. So all these beautiful examples are from our Instagram feed and are just a taste of what she can do… and what you can do to include the ridiculously on-trend concept of hand lettering in your big day!

Instagram Calligraphy Bespoke Decor- Weddings

Here’s 8 reasons we love hand lettering and calligraphy for weddings:

ONE: It’s timeless, so Grandma will be pleased and 10 years from now, you will be too.

TWO: It can class up even the most boring directional signage (bathroom this way!).

THREE: It can be done on pretty much any surface.

FOUR: It makes the beloved chalkboard less country and more chic.

FIVE: It can be used to add sentiment to your day with a beloved quote or saying.

SIX: Put down your phone and don’t get in our photographers way. It sounds a bit harsh… until it’s surrounded by flowers, written in gorgeous script.

SEVEN: Themes can be fun, but what’s really awesome? Timeless calligraphy that is so beautiful it IS the theme… without a theme. Hear me?

EIGHT: Function and form. Use all those necessary things (seating charts, directional signage, welcomes, and menus) part of the decor and skip decor for the sake of decor.


I’m sure I could go on… but really let’s end it here:

It’s so. darn. pretty.

Do you need another reason? Didn’t think so.