Feature Friday: Barrels at Weddings

It’s no small secret that we love barrels as vintage decor… and especially love barrels at weddings. Not only are they pretty, but they’re so versatile! They can be rustic, elegant, shabby chic, masculine, or anything in between. We’ve used them as entry decor, in mens lounges, as s’mores stations (seriously, you should have been there!), and so much more. We have three types of barrels we rent out, naked barrels (no paint) in large or small as well as white painted barrels. We can’t play favourites, but we thought we should play favourites on some ideas to use them! What do you say? Here’s our fave 9:

Our favourite ways to use Barrels at Weddings

ONE: This photo is from one of my favourite vignettes we’ve ever been a part of. Isn’t that sign lovely? But that barrel, it adds height to a welcome vignette, holds photos of the sweet couple, and looks charming while doing it all.

TWO: Another one of our shots, this barrel was used to hold a gorgeous floral arrangement, accompanying directional signage. Why not give your signage some love? Do you think it wants to stand there all alone?

THREE: Okay, let me rant for a minute. One of the things I really don’t enjoy at weddings is having to bend over or crouch down to sign a guest book on a standard height dining table while I’m in heels and a dress. It’s not fun, okay? So why not do your guests a favour and use a lovely barrel to get it at the right height? Bonus, it looks way better anyways.

FOUR: Because I feel so strongly about the idea… here’s another shot of a barrel we set up for a guest book signing. Perfect, right?

FIVE: I love a backyard wedding, there’s something so special and intimate about them! I really really love how this one used large barrels as cocktail tables! The best part? No linens required!

SIX: A stunning backdrop calls for a simple ceremony set up. Why not switch out a traditional signing table for a single barrel like this gorgeous ceremony. And you won’t even have to sit down in your dress with the train to sign. Win/win!

SEVEN: We’ve used barrels to create tables before (I mentioned the s’mores station, right?) but this bar station is beyond perfect! There are so many places barrel tables could be used in place of traditional height plain old linened tables (cake tables, gift tables, guest book tables, cocktail tables, seating chart tables, to hold favours… seriously it never ends!).

EIGHT: Why not ditch the traditional cake table  and ornate stand and opt for a simple barrel with lace overlay like this bride did!

NINE: I may have saved the most gorgeous for last… look at how stunning these barrels look flanking the ceremony aisle with giant, wild floral arrangements! I’m in love. Really.


So maybe, just maybe I gave away my favourites instead of saving them for the end. Can you guess? Yup, one and nine. I can’t help myself! Tell me, what are your top picks?