Feature Friday: 10 Ideas for Eva Framed Chalkboard

10 fun ideas for a framed chalkboard at your wedding!

Today for Feature Friday we’re featuring one of our most loved pieces- the Eva Frame and Chalkboard! Not only are we sharing some photos of this pretty frame, but we’ve got 10 creative ways to make use of Eva- or any large framed chalkboard at your wedding! We are total suckers for chalkboards and pretty frames, we have a truck-full of them. So you know we have ideas on how to make the best use of them! Here’s our top 10… and some pretty pictures of miss Eva in action.

10 fun ideas for a framed chalkboard at your wedding!

1. Seating Chart: Let’s start with the obvious one first, shall we? We love a hand lettered seating chart, and pair that with chalk? Match made in heaven I tell you!

2. Menu: Whether bar or meal, we’re all for having the options displayed in a pretty way.

3. Directions: Especially if you’re having an outdoor wedding, direct your guests to the ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception in style with a beautiful framed chalkboard. Even indoor weddings could use a sign directing guests to the photo booth, coffee bar, and restrooms.

4. Schedule: Display your itinerary for guests. Everyone wants to know when they’re going to get to eat, do them the favour and let them know (in chalk, of course!).

5. Your Love Story: Share your love story timeline or a fun infographic with facts about you. It will be a fun discussion piece all night long!

6. Programs: Save some time and money by displaying your ceremony program (which one was the Maid of Honour again?) on a framed chalkboard instead of individually printed programs.

7. Welcome: Welcome your guests in style, have a hand letterer (we have one in house, did you know?) illustrate your names, date, and a welcome message to your guests- this is especially nice to do if your venue has multiple weddings happening at the same time.

10 fun ideas for a framed chalkboard at your wedding!

8. Quote: ‘Love sweet Love’ or ‘Here Comes the Bride’ make beautiful decor when displayed on a framed chalkboard.

9. Informational Signage: Telling your guests that there’s no seating plan, that you’d rather not have them take photos, or that shuttles leave at 9:30 and 11:00 can be a drag- display it on a pretty chalkboard and enjoy your evening. Even if it’s fun information (If you Instagram, hashtag us! #joneswedding2015), keep it front of mind for your guests in big chalk letters.

10. Thank You: Make your guests feel appreciated and thank them for their presence, everyone loves to know that they made you feel blessed/thankful/joyful by being there. Take a photo with your sign for the perfect thank you card!

10 fun ideas for a framed chalkboard at your wedding!

Did we miss anything? We’d love to hear your fun ideas for chalkboards at weddings! Share them with us in the comments.

Photos from wedding show via Lemon Thistle– read more about her visit to our warehouse here!