Farm Chicks Recap & Market Tips

I took a recent trip to Spokane, WA for the Farm Chicks Antique Show!  I can see why they call themselves the happiest antique show on earth! It wasn’t stuffy, or pushy (even though there were thousands of people)… just happy. And everyone was extremely, extremely excited. The show started out small, 7 vendors in a tiny barn and it has developed into a huge weekend long event that people travel to from all over the States & Canada. The parking lot was filled of different license plates.

I was a pretty lucky duck being able to take this trip with my beloved Momma and Kindrel from Lovely Home by Kindrel Juliet. These ladies are both so fun, sweet and have excellent taste when it comes to “junking” as we vintage lovers call it.  They also have the stanima to last through 300 vintage booths. Here is a bit of a recap from our trip and 10 tips to help any other future Farm Chicks!

Our drive was great, we stopped at thrift shops and a pretty big antique mall in Thorp, WA. The antique mall was also a fresh fruit stand… so I left with a rusty arbor and a bag of fresh cherries! It took us about 9 hours in total.

We woke up briiiiight and early on Saturday morning to hit the line up by 7am. Thankfully it was nice and close to Starbucks. I do have to admit to asking the guy in the Starbucks drive thru what “Iced Lemon Cake” was… “like, is it served cold?”, “uh, no, it’s got icing on it”. Right. Duh. I tried to explain that it had a different name in Canada, but it just couldn’t be undone.

By the time we got there there was already about 100 people ahead of us! The show was worth the drive and more, absolutely incredible. Each booth had something unique to offer. I tried to take photos so I could post about it… but there were SO many people that it was nearly impossible to grab a shot without 80 heads blocking the view! : )

We spent 10 hours there on the first day and didn’t even come close to making it through all 3 buildings. We took numerous trips to the car because our arms were full. By the end of day 1 our van was pretty packed. But we still went back on day two and did it all again. Thank goodness we ran into Leah from the Olde Farmhouse Market who offered to take some tables & chairs home in their trailer. But even with the extra help, it took us about an hour to figure out how to fit everything in the van. And we had to strap an old screen to the roof rack with twine. 

I can’t even explain how much fun it was to see so many different people come together with a love for vintage treasures! The booths were beautifully set up and each one was so different. I will absolutely continue to make the trek to Spokane to Farm Chicks. We were lucky to meet Serena who puts on the entire event. She was wonderfully humble and genuine. And she signed and gave us free copies of Country Living Magazine : )

SO! Having lost my Farm Chicks virginity, these are my tips for future newbies:

1. Don’t worry about having a system. We tried to go through the building with some type of system to make sure we didn’t miss anything. But it’s so busy and each booth more distracting than the last…. you will jump across, down, over and back up with no rhyme or reason. The vendors are constantly refreshing their booths, so bounce around as much as you please and go back to your favorite one a few times.
2. Bring a tote or old granny shopping cart! The old granny shopping carts were everywhere and ladies had made them customized with bunting, different fabrics and nametags. Super fun. They do sell totes at the show for $10USD, which is pretty pricey, but they have cute sayings. I got one that says “and with a little tote, she will change the world”
3. You won’t beat the crowds, but do get in line early. The doors open at 9am, but don’t expect to have any calmness, even if you are an early bird! Just move with the crowds and enjoy. We tried to go to the furthest corner of the building thinking that people might start at the front, but there were 2 entrances! So,  no go amigos.
4. Bring Cash. Not everyone accepted credit card and the debit machine didn’t accept our canadian cards.
5. Take breaks and drink lots of water. It was stinkin hot!
6. Frequent taking your stuff to the car. It’s tempting to keep looking while struggling to hold everything, but it’s so much better to walk through without stuff weighing you down. You can always ask the vendors to hold your items – some say yes, some don’t. But having arms full is no fun.
8. If you don’t like crowds… go on Sunday. It was still very busy, but less crazy.
9. Barter. Not every booth would give you a deal, but most would. Especially on Sunday when they are hoping to sell more.
10. Bring a pen and paper to track where you have been, where you want to check back and what you still have to pick up. We tracked where we had stuff stashed that we needed to pick up, and if we had items that maybe we were going to get, we made a check back list. This was a lifesaver. I’m sure people forgot to pick up items that they had paid for.

Serena describes a Farm Chick as:

A Farm Chick is a girl who sees the world through rose colored glasses. She loves her family. She laughs a lot. She’s farmgirl meets Fifth Avenue, and with a little style, she’ll change the world.

If you love that, and you love searching for vintage deals… I whole heartedly recommend driving to Spokane for Farm Chicks! I am so happy we decided to go and am already counting down until next year!

Here are some pics from the trip, enjoy!