Dreaming of Black Weddings

Black Weddings. It doesn’t even sound like a thing. But they can be SO gorgeous. I have to be honest. This one was a challenge for me to pull together. But sometimes that’s what I love- something that I don’t naturally gravitate to and it can still be so beautiful and evoke such a magical feeling. Weddings are amazing like that- aren’t they? So here’s some images that will help you fall in love with black weddings too.

loving all the black wedding gold details


ONE: So black linens… aw-mazing, right? I’m loving this romantic set. 

TWO: Anemone are one of my very favourite blooms, so a bouquet of just those babies? Well, I’m in love.

THREE: One of the best midnight snacks ever? Oreos. I just love them. And the milk shooters on the metal stands... it’s all perfection.

FOUR: So I get that in a dim, brick setting- black would be romantic. But I wanted to add this one in because it’s just as lovely in daylight, surrounded by greens. It’s kind of winning my heart!

FIVE: Did you ever imagine a black wedding cake would be so beautiful? I’m in awe.

SIX: So confession. This isn’t the most beautiful black and white lace wedding dress I’ve ever seen. It’s a close runner up though. Years ago when I was at a bridal store I saw a gorgeous black and white lace number (the bodice was black while the rest was white and it was perfection) and ever since then- no black dress has lived up to it. It was the perfect amount of classic while the black gave it a fun edge. But maybe the years have made it more beautiful in my mind, because it’s hard to compete with a backless dress like this!

SEVEN: Oh my my, these are a few of my favourite things! Aren’t these invitations so dreamy. And they don’t have anything flashy- just gold lettering on black card. And it’s SO good.


What do you think? Black for weddings? Yes or no?