Dreaming of a Vintage Christmas

Now that it’s socially acceptable to admit my house is completely decorated for Christmas (in reality, it’s been done for weeks now), I thought I would do a quick post on how to incorporate vintage into your Holiday décor.

These are my vintage Christmas décor must haves:

  • Lanterns. Simply put them anywhere and everywhere. Don’t worry if you only find one with broken glass. Just use it as an opportunity to put a tealight in. Although try not to spill any wax
  • Snowshoes! Putting them near the front door is dazzling.
  • An old sleigh. If you have one with red metal (such as the one available for rent at Bespoke Wedding & Event Rentals ;)) you’re in luck. It’s festive anywhere you choose to place it! However, I like mine right at the base of the tree.
  • Glass ornaments. You know the ones… they used to be on your grandparents tree! They have a funny diamond shape.
  • Old books. I always keep my Little Golden Cinderella book close. Plus I recently adopted a Little Golden Book copy of The Night Before Christmas on my trip to Portland. They’re super cute and make it feel extra-homey.
  • Burlap. When is burlap not good? Use it as a table runner, make some pillow covers or accent some mason jars… just burlap to your hearts content.

Another great way to add a festive feel to your front door is to use straw bails. You can buy them for display from local farming stores… usually quite cheap! They give a great base to rest your pieces on and are perfect for a little extra seating on the front porch.

Put it all together and you’re going to make one beautifully decorated home. Remember to incorporate your favorite decorations into your holiday decorating. It’s what makes this time of year so special. Break out the macoroni ornaments and tattered stockings. Light the candles and invite over your friends and families to enjoy the holiday traditions together.

For more inspiration I recommend going to Hudsons Bay downtown. In the sub-basement they have an entire vintage Christmas display you will swoon for.

Enjoy your holiday decorating! Make sure you’ve got Christmas classics on repeat.

Oh and uh… just in case you don’t have what you need to decorate for your big holiday party. Don’t fret… we deliver

Happy Decorating! & send me some pictures of your holiday creations!