DIY – Wooden Table Numbers

We took on a a couple DIY projects for our latest wedding – one of which being these table numbers! I am super happy with how they turned out so I wanted to give a quick how-to in case anyone else was looking to make something similar!

The supplies:

  • Wooden blocks – 6×6 inches
  • Stain
  • A paintbrush – nothing fancy
  • A foam brush – again, nothing fancy. I think it cost 10 cents!
  • A white paint pen – from Michaels
  • White chalk
  • Paper towel
  • Gloves… unless you’re a super clean painter/stainer (I’m not)
  • Curious cat companion – not required

Like most of my DIY adventures, I started at Home Depot. I picked out a wood that I thought looked nice (it turned out to be a combo of pine & spruce) and had them cut the pieces into 6×6 inch blocks.

Once I got home, I sanded down the edges of each piece to make sure they were smooth & ready to be stained. Once you’ve finished sanding make sure to wipe the wood with a damp cloth. It may look like there aren’t any shavings to wipe off, but they are defs there just waiting to interrupt your staining! I chose a red mahogany color (minwax) for my stain. It turned out a little darker than I had hoped for, but I still think they look great! The white paint looks really pretty against the darker wood.

First, I put the stain on using the paintbrush, then I run over it with the foam  brush just to work out any bubbles, lines, or wipe of any excess stain.


Once I had managed to get all edges covered, I left them outside in the sun to dry! If you are staining in your garage, just make sure to have the door or a window open as the stain needs a little circulation to properly dry. If after you’ve left your pieces to dry they appear a little sticky, wipe it down with an old cotton t-shirt.

While my blocks were drying, I did quick mock ups of what I wanted to draw on each piece. This step isn’t necessary, but I’m not daring enough to start without practicing! I used chalk and colored paper to practice on. I used chalk instead of a pen or pencil because I was going to be using chalk on the blocks and wanted to create the same look.


After my practice rounds, I started on the wooden blocks. I first drew in chalk, lightly wiped it off and then went over the marks with the paint pen. This makes it pretty fool proof… but just in case you mess up with the paint pen, a q-tip and nail polish remover will be your bff.

And that’s that! I hope you like! Good luck with your own DIY projects this summer!