DIY Chalkboard Art- The Easy Way

DIY Chalkboard Art- the easy/cheaters way!

Today I’m excited to share a few tips to help you DIY your way to the perfect chalkboard sign! As you might know, we have a fabulous in house letterer, but if you’re looking to try your hand at your own chalkboard art, there’s a few tips that will help you get it perfect without being a pro. Call it the ‘easy’ way or the ‘cheaters’ way… it works! Ready for our top 10 tips?

DIY Chalkboard Art- the easy/cheaters way!

1. Use coke to clean your chalkboard. Seriously! If you don’t want to be painting over your chalk mess with new paint every time you want to do a new sign, use coke. It will clean it right up. Plus, you won’t need a full can for cleaning, so pour yourself a glass!

2. Get a chalk pen. Plain old chalk is fabulous to outline your design first  if you like- it erases 1000x easier, BUT a chalk pen will give you such a clean, bright line- it can’t be beat. Choose a chalk pen that has a fine tip for the best results. In this video we’re using this one.

3. Stick to what you know. If you’re not a calligrapher, don’t stress that you can’t get those perfect swashes!

4. Use a ruler to lay out your design. It will make a world of difference in how straight and tidy your design looks.

5. Leave extra space in between your letters. Why? To fake calligraphy! Add some thicker detail to anywhere you have a ‘downstroke’. See what I mean in the video? Anywhere you generally drag your pen downwards, go back over your writing and make that line darker. This will give you a cheaters calligraphy look!

6. Don’t use too many ‘fonts’ or writing styles- it starts to look cluttered.

7. Add in swashes and illustrated details last. Figure out where your main lettering needs to be and add in swashes and filler details last. There’s nothing worse than adding in a beautiful swash only to run out of room for your next line!

8. Don’t stress about touchups. Keep a damp cloth and use the edges to touch up lines that go awry. But do that last- don’t stop writing every time you make a small error. You’ll be much happier in the end!

9. Have fun with it! Get a chalkboard for your home and write a new quote each day or each week- soon, you’ll be loving the process and it won’t be a stress anymore!

10. Practice, practice, practice. Is this the same as number 9? Sort of. What’s the one thing that you can’t seem to get? Is it a script K? Practice that! Do a whole chalkboard of Ks if you have to. You’ll be so much happier with the result the next time you write a sign that uses a K!

The first time I did my own chalk sign I thought- never again! It looked like my high school english teacher’s chalkboard. But now, I’ll happily write on a sign and add some little details! But if I want something extra-beautiful, I still go to our in house letterer… because nothing compares to a pro!

Have you ever tried lettering on chalkboards? Tell us, what are some of your favourite tips?