Creative ways to display your love story

I love when couples add unique touches to their weddings that completely personalize the experience for guests. One of the sweet ways I’ve seen couples do that is by displaying their ‘love story’. From snapshots of their lives (birth and up) to a written timeline to that staple slideshow- it helps guests who only know one of you (oh hey auntie!) get to know you as a couple. I thought I’d gather up a few creative ways I’ve spotted this done from around the web for you today. Ready to see the inspiration?

creative ways to display your love story at your wedding

ONE: I’m going to be upfront here and say that this is my favourite of favourites. I love a good chalkboard, but the beauty in this baby is that it’s so quirky too. The chalkboard illustrates their story from birth to marriage while noting memorable moments like trips, superbowls, and everything in between. It’s just so. darn. sweet.

TWO: Another chalkboard, this timeline type of ‘love story’ display is one I’ve spotted (and created!) a lot recently. It’s simple, sweet, and fits any decor.

THREE: A different kind of timeline… a photo timeline! This couple hung photos from ribbons, each ribbon with a year label at the top to show their love story.

FOUR: Eclectic and rustic, this display pairs both photos and words to paint a picture of their love story.

FIVE: Hello, second favourite. I love the idea of having a print out (especially something so fun!) of your love story for guests to browse. Partner it with the program while guests wait for the wedding to start.

SIX: Last but not least, a simple photo display. No need to organize by year or add notes- just show us those awkward first selfies.


Now that you know my favourite, and second favourite… tell me, what are yours? Did you share your ‘love story’ at your wedding?