Call Anyone But The Bride

Call anyone but the bride- a list / bespokedecor

Brides, we know you’ve been looking forward to your wedding day for a long time. We know that you’ve planned every little detail and want it to be perfect. We get it, we love those details just as much as you! BUT when it comes time for the big day, you wont remember which type of bow the chair sashes were tied in. You’ll remember the smiles, the feeling walking down the aisle, and celebrating with your new husband, family and friends. What’s my point?

Friends! Those people we love and trust with the details… you’ve got to get on board! We know the lovely bride has told you to call her if ANYTHING goes wrong. We know that something will probably be out of place, or missing all together BUT the last thing you should do is call the bride. Say it with me, “I will not call the bride on her wedding day”. Very good. But who the heck should you call?

Here’s a list of 10+ people you can and should call before the bride.

Call anyone but the bride- a list / bespokedecor

Click the image above to download as a free printable list and pass it out to anyone and everyone involved in the big day for one happily blushing bride.