Autumn Tones for a Stunning Seasonal Wedding

It’s officially fall, friends. There’s no way around it- the cooler weather has hit! With fall comes the beautiful colours of autumn which can be so lovely for weddings. The problem with autumn weddings? They’ve been put in a box. Too many dollar store packs of faux leaves with bright orange red and gold colour palettes have taken over our vision of fall weddings. But it’s time for that to change. There are so many beautiful weddings that showcase colours of the season without fitting inside that box we’ve come to expect. Today we’re sharing four palettes we created that we’d love to create an autumn wedding around.

Autumn Tones- Perfect for a fall wedding!

ONE: I look at this one like a frost autumn morning. The muted greens and purples with a grey sky and rich wine coloured leaves.

TWO: If fall had a sangria, this would be it. Wine, berries, foggy purple and gold.

THREE: This is our ode to the traditional fall palette: burnt orange and maroon but paired with grounding taupe and a stone blue.

FOUR: As much as I love the vibrant colour of changing leaves, I love that the pine trees never change. They stay their deep green year round, and the golden yellow leaves of the trees around them are such a great contrast. Deep blues and chocolate browns finish off this palette.

How do you feel about autumn weddings? Do you have a favourite colour palette for them?