60 Years of Marriage

In the midst of this crazy summer, Charlie and I escaped to PEI to celebrate a really special day with his grandparents (Jack and Verna). It was their 60th wedding anniversary. Woah, right? It was so special for me to be there and to be a part of such an intimate celebration with his family and I want to share some of the most special details with you lovebirds!

There were about 50 of us gathered in PEI to celebrate Jack and Verna. We had a potluck dinner, a family photo-sesh, a video dedicated to the couple from all their grandchildren and a private house concert by Ian Sherwood (if you haven’t heard of him, you’re about to love him).

The dinner was filling, the photos were a plenty but the tears really started when we all gathered in the house for a special video and concert. It started with a brief introduction and one powerful question – “who wouldn’t be here without Jack and Verna?” Every single hand was raised in a room with over 50 people. How amazing is that?

Ahead of time, each grandchild had recorded themselves retelling their favorite memory with their grandparents and yelling “happy anniversary!” – you could see how much it meant to Jack and Verna. I know I will never be able to explain to you how sincerely adorable this was, but it was beyond words. I cried all my make up off within 3 short minutes.

Shortly after this, the private concert with Ian Sherwood began. He was a wonderful entertainer, beautiful singer and overall a really nice guy. But the real secret was that Jack and Verna’s children (Charlie’s parents, aunts and uncles) had Ian write a personalized song for them filled with intimate details about their 60 years together. It was a surprise to nearly everyone in the room. It was incredibly moving, inspiring, happy, and tear inducing.

I know you may not know this amazing couple personally, but here is the song that represents their life together. I don’t think I will ever be able to listen to it without crying and smiling ear to ear. Jack walked around afterwards and all he could say is “now, that’s a love song!”

Oh, I almost forgot to mention – Verna wore her wedding dress from 1954. Just the icing on the cake for a seriously perfect evening.

This celebration was a really pleasant reminder for me, and I hope to pass it on to you. I meet so many couples getting caught up in wedding planning that you forget what happens beyond the wedding day – one kick ass marriage. Remember that when everything is said and done you have a partner for life… someone to start your family with and rely on each day. It’s also a reminder for anyone working in the wedding industry that is simply surviving the wedding season… remember how powerful your work is. You are helping people every day marry the person they will celebrate many years with, start a family and love for the rest of their lives… just like Jack & Verna.

I feel pretty lucky… and pretty in love.


Jack & Verna Family Photo Pollocks