5 Ways to Use a Vintage Ironing Board

Ironing boards. They’re not the typical picture of romantic occasions BUT when they’re as beautiful as our vintage baby… why wouldn’t you want to have them at every event ever? Here’s 5 ways we love to see a vintage ironing board used at weddings and events:

5 Ideas to use a Vintage Ironing board at your wedding or event... such a fun little table!

ONE: For flowers… yep, just like you see it above! some things are so pretty they’re deserving of that purpose alone. Have an area you need to dress up?

TWO: Photobooth props. Don’t make your beautiful guests in short skirts bend down to reach a feather boa.

THREE: To hold favours. If your favours aren’t large and don’t take up a full banquet table on their own… why squish them onto your gifts table? Give them their own adorable display!

FOUR: For guests to sign your guest book! This would work beautifully if you had note cards or post cards for guests to sign, guests don’t need to bend down and it’s just as long as a small banquet table without taking up so much room.

FIVE: Seating charts. We love the look of vintage frames scattered along the ironing board, each holding a table’s guest list.


So what do you think? Are vintage ironing boards suited for weddings? We are a 110% YES!