5 Vibrant Summer Colour Palettes

Can you believe we can talk about summer? It’s June! How did that happen so fast? We are well into wedding season around here and with the warming weather, we’re loving the more vibrant hues the sunshine brings. Today we’re sharing 5 fun colour palettes that bring a summer dream wedding to life. Every other season, we gravitate towards the quieter colours. And while we’re still a soft colour fan… we challenged ourselves with some bright, bold combinations for you today!

5 Vibrant summer colour palettes- I love these!

ONE: A vibrant pinky coral, bold grass green, and soft peach kick off our collection. We love the bold colours balanced with the soft peach. When you’re looking at greens… think beautiful greenery, and for the colours, picture blooms. Now you’re in love… right? 😉

TWO: The boldest of them all- we love this vibrant collection of warm hues. Red, pink, and orange are so bright and bold, but since they’re in the same family- they work so well together. IMHO any wedding that goes with this combo should probably serve bright popsicles too.

THREE: We had to include one that didn’t have some kind of pink. But we really love pink around here! This one balances bright orange and yellows with a deep navy (navy is pretty much a neutral- am I right?).

FOUR: This one has me picturing pretty floral patterns and teacups with a medium pink, teal, and jade-like green. It might be the most classic of the palettes we’ve got here.

FIVE: Bright, bold… and maybe a bit soft because we just couldn’t help ourselves! We love a bold pinky coral with soft pink and green. I’m already dreaming of the floral arrangements we could create with this palette!


Tell us… what’s your fave? I’m a hearty number five 😉